Monday, April 11, 2011

A story of a table, 2 chairs and a re-org!

This weekend was action packed and fun-filled.
S and I had been thinking of getting a table and chair for N's room. He's growing up and needs a place to sit and do his stuff. You might ask "What stuff?" Ahem!! Things like playing with Lego blocks, action figures, draw doodles and the likes!
I did not want one of those heavier-than-you metal-coated-with-vinyl desk sets with an attached chair. They don't leave any room for changing the seating style. I am also not a very big fan of cartoon characters drawn over everything. I was looking for something plain and simple, something which blends with the room and is child friendly.
There are these tables and chairs in N's playschool that I love - simple, practical and child safe. I took the address from N's teacher and off we went table hunting. And we found this - 

In order to make room for the new furniture I ended up re-organizing N's room. This is how it looks. The desk and chairs blend into his room perfectly.

N loves it and started using it as soon as we were done with the place.


Another thing that I love in N's room is this bed sheet and cushion from Peek-A-Boo Patterns by Garima Agarwal.
Check her stuff out. Its awesome, unique and so so lovable!

N loves this auto bed sheet and cushion.

Hope all of you had a lovely weekend!!

I am linking to Patty's Weekend Wrap up 26.


  1. aaaaww.. that cushion is gorgesou!! totally loved the room.. Reminded me of when my little girls were small (and less demanding)... they had a similar matress on the bed... Then the mother got demanding and got them a sofa cum bed.. that opened up ... but the bed was still on the floor.. you know what I'm talking about??

    Then they grew.. and got even more demanding.. now they have a bunk bed... from IKEA.. single on top to play.. and double at the bottom where they sleep... And a day bed.. with drawers for toys...

    *sigh* Girls grow too quickly.. Simran!! They so do!! Its sad.. :-( And as the shoe size becomes bigger.. so does the demands.. *grin*

  2. Hey Sim, thanks for stopping by, yours is a lovely blog and your home is truly gorgeous, ....looking forward to lots of interesting things I explore your blog..Here comes your newest follower :)

  3. I totally agree Patty!! N is at a stage where he doesn't care about which bed sheet has been spread and what's the room decor. But I am seeing a few signs of "Let me choose my tee and shorts" so independance is the next big thing I guess!
    Thank you so much Sharkara! My pleasure to have you here :)

  4. The room is shooooo sweeeet....I remember too once my daughter was that young I too had a similar bed kind as it saves them from falling...and then she grew up and I got made a low height bed for her...till date it is going fine..........the room is best for your little should have space for him to play as the table and chair tooo


  5. WOW!...just loved it Simran...

  6. Thanks Shivani and Uma for visiting and sharing your thoughts!! :)

  7. Ah sweeet room Simran! Loved it, nice bright sunny and playful. The auto bedsheet and cushions are adorable :))

  8. The room is done ideally for a young child. I would love to get a similar table for my son, could you please share where did you buy the table from

  9. Thanks Romilla!
    The place doesn't have a website but I can give your their contact nbr and name and directions to the place. They are in Jayanagar. If its ok, send me ur email id at and I will send that info to you.


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