Monday, September 26, 2011

Valley of Flowers, Pune Warriors and Aamby Valley City!

N has his month long vacations going on! (Yes the kids have to be at home for a month!) And so I decided to spend some time out of home with family surrounded by more people so that I wouldn't go crazy!!!
And we have been having an awesome time. Spent about a week in Pune - met family we haven't seen in a long time :) Loved it.

We went to this place called Valley of Flowers near Satara. It is situated on Kaas/Kas Plateau and is nature at its best. It has slopes and fields for as far as you can see, covered with flowers - pink, blue, white, yellow! They grow naturally and look pretty! Supposedly some rare species of flowers grow here. See for yourself -

The lilac/blue velvety flower

The pinkish purple ones

Pretty yellows! We couldn't take too many pictures of the vast expanse of flowers - it started raining and became misty - perfect to enjoy the place but not to take pics :)

The valley, plateau and clouds floating by! Ah! Bliss!

There were fields and slopes covered with flowers like this one above!

Heading back home after a long and mesmerizing day!

The Pune Warriors stadium under construction near Lonavala on the Pune Mumbai expressway.

N wanted to wish them victory! and maybe play here someday ;)

A relaxed boat trip in a man made lake at Aamby Valley City, Lonavala

It was a fun fun trip!! Looking forward to many more such trips :)
Hope all of you are doing great! What plans for the Dussehra holidays?

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Giveaway Winner!!!

And the winner of this giveaway is (drumroll please) - is MeRu from MeRu's World!!!!


People go on and check out her lovely and cheerful blog :)

Meru - Please send me your address at I will send across the gift :)

All the other participants - thanks a lot for dropping by!!! Hope to see you all in many more giveaways :) I will be back soon with a post on my travels!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fun at Sanctuarry!!

No I did not make a spelling mistake with the spelling of Sanctuarry!! It is the name of a place where we took N along with our friends last weekend. We were about 8 adults and 4 kids. And boy we had so much fun, it was crazy. The kids loved it thoroughly and so did the adults who became kids :)

If you have been to the Gerry Martin Farm in Bangalore then you can relate Sanctuarry to it, except that Martin Farm has more animals and Sanctuarry had more activity fun stuff to do.

There were sheep, goats, rabbits, roosters, birds, ducks and geese.

One could feed them bundles of leaves and carrot sticks. The children loved doing this :)

 There were bullock carts too.

They have a large open area with lots of trees. And a tree house too - perrrfect for kiddies. They loved going up the stairs and playing with all the stuff inside. 

There is a sand pit and cycles for kids. A few tents are put up all over the place with fun stuff in almost each of them - alphabet floor puzzle in one and sleeping bags and chairs in another.

Some trampolines which are super fun. There were hammocks tied up and swings and charpoys too.... super relaxing and quiet atmosphere.

 And they have loads of other free activities - mind games, table tennis, mini sports series as well as paid stuff. We chose wall painting for kids. It was a paid activity and each kid got a bowl full of colour and big brush. They were made to wear aprons yet they managed to get themselves dirty :) And had a wonderful time painting their own masterpieces on the wall!

And yes for all you foodies out there - there is a Cafe on the go with a limited menu and fresh stuff :) However there is also a full scale menu if you want to pre order stuff.

Ooh and how can I forget the cute lil kiddies bathroom. They have kid sized low stuff in the bathroom so that the li'l ones can use them on their own. The walls outside are painted in nice and bright colours.

 We had an awesome time and plan to go again sometime!!

Sanctuarry is located close to the Forum Value Mall in Whitefield on the opposite side behind Fab India.  See address and other details on their FB page. You can ask them for details about activities, food and timings. It is better to call and go rather than walking in.

If you are googling them make sure you use the double r in the spelling :) 
Let me know if you would like to know more about our experience at Sanctuarry!

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NOTE - I will be out for almost a month starting today - travelling and visiting relatives (N has a month off from school) so the posts might be infrequent or a quick scribble! But keep visiting and I promise you loads of lovely pictures :)

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Monday, September 05, 2011

50 Followers Giveaway!!

Here we are with the giveaway details!!

This is a giveaway dedicated to all my followers and readers (lurkers and de-lurkers both).
The Orange Bicycle is sponsoring the gift for this giveaway. Yay!!  I did a feature on them here. Check it out for some visually appetizing stuff.

The Orange Bicycle is giving away
this pair of metal Hippo book ends [for all you book lovers out there and it makes a great gift too] and
a bright and a cheerful Ganesha figurine [perfect for the festival season] 
to one lucky winner!!

Aren't they a cute and peppy pair? I love the colours - blue and yellow!

Thanks to Orange Bicycle for sponsoring and giving away these great gifts :)

Here is what you need to do win this lovely pair!

Very Important Info - This giveaway is open to all readers - bloggers and non-bloggers! You can choose to do any or all of the steps below, as may be applicable.
1 random comment number will be picked up using to decide the winner. Readers from all geographic locations can participate.

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4) You do not have to be a follower to participate, but if you like my blog and stuff that I write about, please follow! I would be very happy :)

The giveaway is open till 19th September 2011 . I will announce the winners within a day or two after that.

All the best to all of you!! Hurry up and leave a comment.

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Friday, September 02, 2011

The Orange Bicycle

Do you like kitsch, funky and unique stuff? Do you like gazing at colourful, cute little things for hours together? Would you like to browse through stuff that is quirky yet functional and beautiful to look at? And all of this from the millions of lovely artists our country has?
Then you have to, have to, drop in at The Orange Bicycle!!

Giveaway Alert! Details in this post 

This place, buzzing with creativity, is located in a quiet by-lane in Indiranagar. And if you have been through my blog, you'll know that I love it! They have products from a whole lot of artists from all over India. The result is a pretty-to-look-at place with beautiful, inspiring and creative works of art.

Here is a peek into one of my all-time favourite stores and some of the products they sell.

The fun store signage!

You enter the store and you get to see this gorgeous chandelier.

Funky earrings anyone?

Cute little ceramic oil bottles with their own cork stoppers.

The good 'ol chai ki glassy as tea light candle holders.

Orange. Bicycle. Bag. One that I would love to get my hands on :)

Some more light love - the colours are so attractive.

Aren't these cycles adorable?? A collectors dream come true!

This wall art is for all Tintin lovers, including me.

How about this quirky hook hangar? Reminds me of trucks on the state highway.

Cushions - A perfect blend of modern and traditional.

A commode ashtray. Can it get weirder than this?

Cute metal hippo book ends and a bright and yellow mini Ganesha.

Purses, clutches and wallets in all sites and colours.

And for all you outdoor, garden enthusiasts they have some pretty stuff.

Beautiful garden lights.

Lovely planters and greens for sale.

Something for everyone, choose your favourite planter!

So Bangaloreans, if you haven't been here already, hop on and get there. You'll love it!!

And now for the giveaway news -
I am very happy to announce that The Orange Bicycle will be sponsoring the next giveaway at Simz Corner!!! :))
Thanks guys, you know we love your store!! Sending loads of luck your way. 

One lucky winner will get a gift from TOB. What's the giveaway gift? You've seen it already. It is in one of the pictures above. Guesses? Will announce the giveaway rules and details in the next post.
Have a great weekend!!

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Store Details
The Orange Bicycle 
House No : 3353, 5th Cross 
12th "A" Main ,HAL 2nd Stage 
Indiranagar, Bangalore-560038 


Tel: 080 41255242 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

50 followers and a giveaway!!

Yay!! Thank you all my lovely followers, readers and commenters :) I love hearing from you. Your thoughts, opinions or just a "hello" means a lot. 

And so on this historic occasion [a li'l melodrama is always fun, ain't it?] I will be having a giveaway. Yippee!! I know, I love giveaways.
This one will be dedicated to all my followers and one lucky person shall receive a gift from a place that I LOVE LOVE LOVE! [Take a guess people].

Keep watching this space for more on the giveaway. Coming soon!!

Image via Google Images

Monday, August 29, 2011

Paper love

I am a VERY big paper hoarder :) At any point in time you will find at least 10 wrapping paper sheets (in all kinds of sizes though) at my place. This weekend was loads of fun, more so because I bought some more paper. Yay!! 

Friday we met up friends for dinner, Saturday I took mom and N to Mother Earth on Inner Ring road. I wanted to pick up some Tulika books, especially bilinguals, for friends and family abroad. N had a great time - plonking himself on the sofa next to the bookshelves and browsing through all the books. He kept pointing out at books that he had at home saying "Mamma, look, my book!". I got some great books and a golden metal Buddha bust (a separate show case coming up for that one). Mother Earth has a sale going on and you should check it out. There are some things available for a steal. 

Sunday was a relaxed day. S and I took off to watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes, with my mom babysitting N. And I am so proud of N. As he's growing up he's listening better and being a great guy overall. He very nicely took in the news that dad and mom will be going out for some time. According to my mom he played with her, solved a few floor puzzles, had his lunch, watched a cartoon and then napped. Love you baby!!  S and I grabbed a drink after the movie like the good 'ol days and felt happy just chilling out. 

Now to my love for paper. This is what I have currently. 

I have all sorts - the formal prints to the funky and weird ones.

I picked these 2 sheets (from the right) from Mother Earth yesterday (they are from Chumbak). You can pick them at Orange Bicycle also. The alphabet one is from Landmark, Koramangala and is a cute thingy for wrapping those little one's gifts.

These assorted sheets were picked up at various places. The topmost pink, purple, off white and red were a set of 5 sheets with gift tags from Crossword Koramangala.
The grey and purple satiny smooth was again a set of 2 sheets of paper + 2 gift tags and 3 mts of ribbon by Etcetera (picked from The Orange Bicycle store, couldn't find Etcetera online. If you know their website or FB page please let me know).

I also keep some tissue paper sheets (its very thin bright coloured paper) to stuff in gift bags. Some of the colours are really bright but they look good in neutral or pastel coloured gift bags.

I also like gift tags, ribbons and other gift wrapping accessories. These are my latest buys - The elephant gift tag/card is from Haathi Chaap and is made from recycled elephant poo. Don't worry it is completely hygienic :) I picked it from the Dastkar Bazaar.
The one behind it, along with the pink sheet at the bottom, is from Temple Tree. I picked this at a Christmas exhibition last year and still haven't the heart to part from it ;)

Check both these out, they have a lovely collection of products. If you are a paper lover, you will definitely drool :)

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Happy Monday!!!


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