Monday, August 29, 2011

Paper love

I am a VERY big paper hoarder :) At any point in time you will find at least 10 wrapping paper sheets (in all kinds of sizes though) at my place. This weekend was loads of fun, more so because I bought some more paper. Yay!! 

Friday we met up friends for dinner, Saturday I took mom and N to Mother Earth on Inner Ring road. I wanted to pick up some Tulika books, especially bilinguals, for friends and family abroad. N had a great time - plonking himself on the sofa next to the bookshelves and browsing through all the books. He kept pointing out at books that he had at home saying "Mamma, look, my book!". I got some great books and a golden metal Buddha bust (a separate show case coming up for that one). Mother Earth has a sale going on and you should check it out. There are some things available for a steal. 

Sunday was a relaxed day. S and I took off to watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes, with my mom babysitting N. And I am so proud of N. As he's growing up he's listening better and being a great guy overall. He very nicely took in the news that dad and mom will be going out for some time. According to my mom he played with her, solved a few floor puzzles, had his lunch, watched a cartoon and then napped. Love you baby!!  S and I grabbed a drink after the movie like the good 'ol days and felt happy just chilling out. 

Now to my love for paper. This is what I have currently. 

I have all sorts - the formal prints to the funky and weird ones.

I picked these 2 sheets (from the right) from Mother Earth yesterday (they are from Chumbak). You can pick them at Orange Bicycle also. The alphabet one is from Landmark, Koramangala and is a cute thingy for wrapping those little one's gifts.

These assorted sheets were picked up at various places. The topmost pink, purple, off white and red were a set of 5 sheets with gift tags from Crossword Koramangala.
The grey and purple satiny smooth was again a set of 2 sheets of paper + 2 gift tags and 3 mts of ribbon by Etcetera (picked from The Orange Bicycle store, couldn't find Etcetera online. If you know their website or FB page please let me know).

I also keep some tissue paper sheets (its very thin bright coloured paper) to stuff in gift bags. Some of the colours are really bright but they look good in neutral or pastel coloured gift bags.

I also like gift tags, ribbons and other gift wrapping accessories. These are my latest buys - The elephant gift tag/card is from Haathi Chaap and is made from recycled elephant poo. Don't worry it is completely hygienic :) I picked it from the Dastkar Bazaar.
The one behind it, along with the pink sheet at the bottom, is from Temple Tree. I picked this at a Christmas exhibition last year and still haven't the heart to part from it ;)

Check both these out, they have a lovely collection of products. If you are a paper lover, you will definitely drool :)

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Happy Monday!!!


  1. What can i say? Hello, fellow paper-lover!!! :) I have so many wrapping papers that have been with me for years...can't bear to give them away :( The ones from chumbak are brilliant!!! Do they retail online? I would love to buy.
    Good going, N! It's good to get some kid-free RnR every once in a while!

  2. Hey Aparna!! That is so cool :) I know I cud easily start a personal shop of wrapping papers if I continue hoarding them, lol. Chumbak retails online via their website and via Shopo too. Check them out their websites here - and
    Oh I feel that kid-free time is a must for healthy parenting ;)

  3. Lovely collection, Simran! I loved your latest buys from Chumbak. You can actually frame just the paper and hang it....very nice and unusual prints.

  4. Thanks Neha! I love Chumbak .. I can just sit and browse their website for hours together :) And framing is a cool idea :)

  5. You would love the ones from Belaku Trust - they block print on paper and have lovely gift wrap options, another idea with kids....make your own from plain brown paper, block printed with any of the wooden blocks we find in the CKP and Dastkar stalls. Was the elephant pillow from the Flea Market on your website? That's a Belaku product.

  6. What a wonderful collection can get so inspired just looking at them:):)

  7. Sangitha - I haven't seen the wrapping paper by Belaku Trust but have bought other stuff from them. Yes the elephant pillow was on my website and I updated the info in the post :) Thanks for letting me know. I plan to do the block printing with N a few months down the line maybe :) But I also do the plain brown paper and just a bow or ribbon around it, looks super cute.

  8. Lovely prints Simran :). I will definitely drop in the next time I'm that side of town - yet another "nearly" Indiranagar recommendation from you ;). Think we must plan our next meet somewhere that side of town for sure!

    The wrapping papers I've kept for the longest time are the ones D and S made at their montessori school :). Can never bring myself to use those except on some super-special occasion (and not many of those come along of course ;))!

  9. Thanks and Lol Aparna ... I agree I tend to find most of the stuff on that side of town :) Awww, how cute is that. AM sure I wud also keep something that N made for the longest time ever.

  10. Thank you Sharkara! I got some more today by Etcetera. LOvley ones I must say :)

  11. Simran, next time when i am looking for some wrapping paper i know where to get it from:) Must say you have a lovely collection here...PK

  12. Thanks PK!! :) I picked up some more from The Orange Bicycle yesterday - they were so attractive just couldn't resist!

  13. Beautiful Simran. Love your taste.

  14. Thanks Choxbox!!! The feeling is mutual :)

  15. Ha ha !! From on paper fan to another! The chum bak one is so super cute :-) send me one too with the elephant and lotus please :-)

  16. You have such a beautiful collection. The sheets in the 4th picture are uniquely wonderful.

    Thanks for linking up at Tea Time Thursdays @ Kreative Korner and adding to the fun.

    The party for this week is going on... hope to see you there again :)

  17. Thanks Patty and Tanya :)
    Patty - Send me your address at and I will, I promise :)


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