Tuesday, August 16, 2011

100 ft - Boutique. Bar. Restaurant.

My mom is visiting us. She offered to baby sit N while we went out for lunch one Sunday. I wanted to go to 100 ft since quite some time. S and I had been there P before marriage. I wanted to revisit the place to re-live those memories. And the place is beautiful as ever. In fact it has become better. I loved the ambiance, food and the boutique.
100 ft is bang on the 100 ft road in Indiranagar. So no complicated directions, going round and round or getting lost. They have valet service for parking so saves you the hassle of finding parking space.

They have 3 areas for dining - the open courtyard on the ground floor, an indoor dining area surrounded by the boutique and the covered terrace on the 1st floor.

The gound floor dining area has a mini lotus pond with splashes of teal blue thrown in. Love this colour. Notice the chairs below. There is a bar on the ground floor.

The dining area in the boutique.

The lovely shaded terrace seating. If you want this location on a weekend, making reservations is a good idea.
The boutique had unique, funky, eclectic, kitsch kind of stuff. Eye candy kinds too.

Home decor stuff by Mukul Goyal like the wine bottle rack above. I like his creative twist on regular home decor things.

Vintage hindi film posters.

Coffee mugs and glassware. And yes, that's me in my peep toes. I love love love peep toes - in heels, flats, any form.

Cookie tins from Chumbak

More from Mukul Goyal

Funky umbrella anyone?

Notice the antique lamp shaped candle stands?

Chai ketli painted with hindi movie names

And shoes, so many of 'em!

The boutique is a shopper and collector's paradise. I could spend hours there. Sigh!

The restaurant was great. There was a bar in the terrace restaurant too. Loved the chef's specials of the day. The food is true to the cuisine - Mediterranean.
Service was quick and efficient - the servers did not hover around irritatingly and were around just when you needed them. In fact when I asked for my drink to be changed they did it quickly and with a smile.
This is a place I would definitely recommend if you love your pastas and wine. Oh did I mention that they have a good collection of wines.

Edited to add - The place welcomes kids. But IMO, if you have active adventurous brats, like mine, who like to see, touch and explore things, it is better to leave them at home and enjoy your lunch/dinner in peace.

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  1. Those lamps remind me of old zamindar era in Bengal....amazing!!loved your tour of the place..

  2. Thank you Sarmistha!! I loved most of the things in the boutique :)

  3. oh lovely..have bookmarked the place..might go when my parents are here...of course leaving R behind for them to babysit...hehehe mean mom I am...:-)

  4. He he he... good idea Uma! I just added a note about kids to the post ;) Like minds think alike.

  5. Great review Simran - makes me want to go there sometime soon. But probably shouldn't warn hubby it's a shopper's paradise as well as a restaurant ;) ?

  6. Lol... aren't we all so smart? Yea don't tell the hubby, just spring it on him once there... "Oh! wow! I didn't know they had a boutique too, mind if I look around?" Wud love to see G's expression that time. lol.

  7. The place looks stunning!! wow!! wow!! I love the lamps.. and the bottles.. the colour of the wicker chairs are gorgeous..

    I want vintage movie posters.. too.. *sigh*

  8. I know Patty! I was in love with the place and wanted to spend hours and hours together, looking at things again and again :) And visiting places like this just make my wishlist grow longer *winks

  9. You know have heard so much about this place but never been there in all these years!!! Maybe I shall go with Adi next Mon when he has his school holiday...

  10. That sounds like a good idea Poorni! Adi will love it I am sure :) Thanks!

  11. sounds awesome simran. have passed the place several times, will pop in next time.

  12. The place looks very stylish and cool. If I ever visit B'lore, i'm sure to visit this place. Really liked the shop and its collection.

  13. Wow this place looks so cool,..

  14. Beautiful post Simran! This is indeed a stylish place and we also visited once...great collection!
    Thanks for sharing:)

  15. Thanks Ladies! :)
    Sure Chox! Try that and lemme know how you liked it.
    Sanghamitra - That's great. I didn't know you were in Bangalore at one time! Must have brought back memories.

  16. I think I've been here- but didn't even glance at the boutique. Now I realize what a HUGE mistake that was! Thanks for the eye opener Simarn :)

  17. You are welcome Divya! Make a 2nd trip to the place, this time just to check out the boutique ;)

  18. You've brought back lots of memories. We used to go there quite often when we lived in Blr. In fact, we lived nearby to....which was a big temptation!

  19. Thanks for dropping by Shalini! It is a lovely place and I wudn't mind going again :)

  20. This place is calling me...

    Thanks for linking up at Tea Time Thursdays @ Kreative Korner and adding to the fun. The party for this week is going on... hope to see you there again :)



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