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 In order of being published -

1. What goes on the wall? 
2. What can a rug do to a room?
3. How to make the best of a sale? 
4. Choosing art for your home?
5. Find your fabric
6. How to make the entrance to your home look beautiful?
7. 5 Home Decor products to pick up during a sale

Women's Web

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In order of being published -

1. Festive home decor with a conscience
2. How to organise your home: Home Decor ideas
3. Home Decor ideas on a budget
4. 6 ways to use indoor plants as home decor
5. Cheap, cheerful, charming: DIY Home Decor ideas you can use
6. 18 handcrafted home decor products you will love
7. 10 handicraft home decor products from across India


1. To gift and what to gift?
2. A bucket full of love 
3. How to surprise a golgappa lover 
4. The Hangover kit is here

Guest blogger articles

1. Fun ways to do up the kid's room - on Shailaja Vishwanath's blog Diary of a Doting Mom 

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