Who am I?

I am a book lover, an amateur photographer, a mother, a closet feminist, a blogger and a wannabe traveller.  

I am lazy yet organized, a passionate perfectionist in some areas and a procrastinator in others.  

I am an engineer by degree. I have worked in the IT industry and as a curator for an online marketplace.  

I started blogging on Simz Corner which was a canvas for my thoughts, likes, dislikes, interests and feelings about raising my son, N. Along the way I decided to split my blog into 2 mainly because I wanted to demarcate the themes for each blog. So Simz Corner mainly deals with decor – personal and inspired, photography (I am an amateur photographer who is trigger happy when given a camera), food and travel - it is a visual blog – so you’ll see a lot of pictures!! 

Chips n Chutzpah caters to my other interest – writing. It holds stuff from my daily life, thoughts, opinions on everything under the bright blue sky and updates on raising N.

Hope you’ll enjoy reading both the blogs! I would love to hear what you have to say. So please leave your thoughts, suggestions and comments!!

Live life Queen size!!
~ Simran

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  1. Hey Sim...great going this is! Just loved your expressions both visuals and writing!! Best part which I liked is each of the pieces are soo full of life just like U...keep up the good work..keep blogging :)


  2. Thanks Rinji!! That was so sweet of you :)

  3. I saw pictures of your house on "The Key Bunch.com"
    It is aesthetically done. Love it...

  4. Hi, came across your blog and liked it - I run a small concern related to bamboo handicrafts myself - www.kraftinn.com so am adding your blog to the ones I follow.


  5. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Parikshit, will drop by your website!

  6. Hi Simz.. loved your blog, I'm so taking tips from here.. Adding u to my blogroll :)

  7. Thank you so much AV! That means a lot :)

  8. hey simran..i luved u blog n the way u showed dastkar..u really showed the colors of india..

  9. Great One :) Loved the photos!!!

  10. Thanks Neo! Never knew you blogged to, will hop over to check all your blogs soon :)

  11. who says amateur, you have done gr8 photography. love to read ur blogs and i keep sharing them with my frens and family :)

  12. Thanks Rumpa! You made my day :)

  13. just came across ur blog...the pictures are great! i too have started blogging just recently!
    following ur blog now! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and following Sakshi! :) Will hope over to your blog soon. Happy Blogging!

  14. Perhaps the most interesting thing in life is to stay young. I guess the blog has fed me enough to stay so and I enjoyed... reasons are many juxtaposed.


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