Monday, May 16, 2011

Butterfly artwork in picture frame - Tutorial

Let the curtains rise!! [Drum roll please]
I was surfing around on one of the blogs on my blog roll - Blue Cricket Design and liked an idea where Becca uses a silhouette of birds across a range of products - to decorate a book cover, make a photo frame wall art and a canvas wall art. I was working on the bird canvas wall art when I decided to decorate the photo frame on my console table as a quick mini-project. So I chose some butterflies instead of birds.

I had this beautiful frame (gifted by a friend on Christmas some years back) and a very pretty Japanese scrapbook paper at home.

I googled for butterfly images and found some pretty ones.

I traced the images from a print out onto card stock paper  which is thicker and used that to trace onto the Japanese scrapbook paper. You can draw freehand if you are those talented kinds ;) I used a couple of different sizes of butterflies.

I used a thin permanent black marker to outline the images and then a thicker black one to fill them in. Once all the butterflies were done I coloured them with the thick marker once again to even out the colour and give it a thicker sheen.

And here is how the frame looks like -

I love it after the makeover and it looks great on my console table :)

I am linking this to Weekend Wrap Up on Colours Dekor! Have a great week ahead.

Update - I am also linking this to Show and Tell Wednesdays on Blue Cricket Design.


  1. Loved this concept and ur frame is looking very nice now.

  2. it looks great thanks for sharing

  3. Very cool! An idea so simple and yet so elegant! I bet non sketchers like me can do this too and I have all the material as well! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. <3 it!!! Looks soo cool!! :)

  5. Thanks everybody!
    Divya - I agree the idea is so simple and easy to do. I am a non sketcher and tracing is a big help!! Go ahead and try it out :)

  6. seriuosly... wow is all i have to say.. beautiful lady! didnt know this side of u!

    1. Thanks Swati!! :) I have this hidden dormant talented side I guess which comes up once in a while :) I think I am like Jack of all trades Master of none!


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