Monday, May 23, 2011

Would you like some tea?

Like Patty in her Weekend Wrap up, I had some tea on one fine Saturday morning. I usually don't have tea or coffee on a daily basis. Neither does S. Tea is made in our house only when guests, who drink tea, come over or it is a rainy or very cold day. This Saturday was a nice, pleasant and calm day (N wasn't up yet). I decided to do something to make myself feel special and here is how I spent my Saturday morning -

With a warm cuppa of tea and some good books! 

I love the print on the tea cups and the tea pot.

The chairs are my latest acquisition, courtesy my parents. They had these lovely Assam cane beauties and they gladly passed them on to me :)

The seating pair is comfortable and durable at the same time.

The rug was also sent by mom. It is a traditional hand woven rug from Punjab, more like a durrie than a rug I would say.

Linking this to Patty's Weekend Wrap Up. Hope That you guys had an awesome weekend and wil have an even better week ahead!!


  1. Very Beautiful balcony! Simz :)

  2. chairs and the rug are gorgeous!
    jus waiting for R to grow up a bit so that I can decorate my home the way I want to.

  3. Thanks Sharkara!
    Thanks Uma! The wait is worth it. Otherwise the constant monitoring and pointing out is stressful for us as well as the kids.

  4. I love your very inviting.that tea pot is to
    die for.Absolutely goegeous.

  5. Ditto....about having tea I mean. We also have tea only when tea drinking guests arrive. I'm myself a coffee person.

    Your balcony is so inviting and love your tea cups...beautiful!

  6. Thanks Neha! I fell in love with the tea set the moment i saw it for its sheer grandness and opulence. I love the royal-ish (ok, that is not a word) pattern :)

  7. Simran, I love love love the teapot! And nice pictures!

  8. The most beautiful balcony and the mat...jst beautiful..

  9. Thank you so much Shivani :) That is so sweet fo you!!

  10. Simran.. will you beleive if I say.. I have the same tea cup & tea pot?? from home center.. I was there when the place was on sale.. and as I was looking at these gorgeous cups.. and fighting with my 5 year old.. someone came and took three cups.. which meant.. I couldnt complete my set.. and was ever so upset.. I then went around.. to nearly all the home centers in Dubai and Sharjah.. hunting for these.. till I made my set complete and got two extra incase they break.. These are our everyday cups & mugs.. I'll post pics of them next week..

    Your outdoor is very inviting.. Wish I could join you for some tea... Maybe in the rainy season.. Will you make some pakoras for me too??

  11. Wow! Patty talk about the world being small. I picked them from Lifestyle here in Bangalore. I think it is the same chain, I mean Homecenter is their home decor and furniture section. I too loved the tea cups the instant I saw them :) And I would love to have you over for tea and pakoras ;)

  12. Your place looks so relaxing and inviting at the same time. Wish i was your friend and could get a invite to your lovely space:)BTW i have gone thru your virtual home tour. Your home is beautiful. Each room so simple yet with the right stuff to make it look aesthetic and elegant. PK


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