Monday, July 28, 2014

What to choose for my bedroom wall colour?

How many shades of blue are you aware of? - Light blue, Dark blue, Sky blue, Navy, Turquoise? Are there more, you ask?
                                                     Well yes there are more. Lots more. There is Azure, Catalina blue, Cyan, Indigo, Light blue, Midnight blue, Navy, Periwinkle (lavender blue), Powder blue, Prussian blue, Sky blue, Teal, Turquoise and still more. See this for the colours and names.

The husband and I love blue and some of its variations - Turquoise being our favourite. We wanted a blue master bedroom. Something like the picture below, but when the colour was actually put on the walls, it did not look that nice. The practical version was a very discomforting, unsettling look with no visual impact or rather weird looking visually.

So we went all white but somehow the room still looks incomplete. The room hasn't been accessorized yet. So that adds to the bare feeling. But I think the colour on the walls needs to be changed. I am clueless about what to use, so I decided to browse and see what people have done and what might look good.

I wanted a green wall, something like this, somewhere in the house. But will it be too overwhelming or dull if done on all the walls in the bedroom? Thinking out loud - "Maybe I should do it on just one focus wall."  Ever since I saw this picture, the colour has been parked in one corner of my brain.

Pic courtesy: An Indian Summer, Thiru S, Elle Decor India

I also like the idea of a gray. My neighbour has done up one room in a very subtle elegant gray and I liked the look of it. Something like this combined with the right bursts of colour - think yellow, gold, turquoise, pink, green will look warm and lovely, yet not loud.

If I don't change the wall colour but instead add colour through paintings and wall accessories, that might look nice too. How about adding some golden touches to the existing white room? Something like this -

I think we played safe when it came to colours on the walls and now it is pushing me to think more, look around and experiment. I need to go about seeing some real homes with bright splashes of colour. How do you incorporate colour into your house? On the walls? Artifacts? Sofa? Rug? Furniture?

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  1. Love the gold and gray combination. For your first home you have done a fantastic decor.


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