Monday, March 24, 2014

Store Feature - My Artitude

One bright and sunny day I called up Anita Bora who in addition to doing a whole lot of interesting things, markets her sister's pottery through her brand/store My Artitude. A quick chat and a phone call and a day later I was off to meet Anita and see the latest collection at My Artitude. While the store is generally open from Noon to 7 pm, it is recommended to take an appointment before you go to make sure Anita is around in town and not on one of her trips around the world! She is on one right now :)

The store is located in Defence Colony, Indiranagar, behind Max Mueller Bhavan. It is easy to find, just keep the house number in mind. You will need to find street parking which is ok on weekday mornings. You walk up a winding stair case and enter a room. And for all the pottery and ceramic lovers the sight is akin to paradise! And let me just add while you are here, you can also shop for some jewellery from MoodSwings Jewelry by Benaazir. They share the space. Double motivation to shop!!  What else can one ask for??

The pottery is crafted by Ranjita Bora, Anita's sister. Ranjita works out of Pondicherry. The sisters do travel around the country taking part in exhibitions that they like. You can catch up on their Facebook page for the latest info - Anita also curates works of other potters to add more variety to the collection. New items are added pretty often. You can keep track of that by following their FB page 

I picked up some lovely ceramic holders. This is how I use one of them - to hold my earrings and my make up accessories. Makes it super easy to hold those long earrings and keep them detangled.

For your kitchen there are onion/garlic storage jars, cups and saucers, mugs, bowls, plates, appetizer servers. They come in different shapes and sizes, beautiful patterns and are multipurpose.

There are some very attractive ceramic door or drawer knobs, these oh-so-cute owl tea lights holders (Know of anyone who loves anything owls? Perfect gift for them!) and jars and holders in lots of shapes and sizes.

There are so many other things. You have to go and see for yourself. She has these tea light and perfumed oil burners in some gorgeous colours. I LOVE that green!

Be warned - since these products are not mass produced, getting exactly same products as in these pictures might not be possible. But I am sure you will get other lovely pieces :)
The prices are reasonable and are in a wide range. The items can be used functionally across the house or for gifting (umm hmm for that next house warming party? Or even to a friend who loves pottery).

Happy Shopping!!


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  2. Nice post Simran, I will now connect with Anita, to see if she can make a custom Tagine for me that can be used for cooking!


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