Monday, September 12, 2011

Fun at Sanctuarry!!

No I did not make a spelling mistake with the spelling of Sanctuarry!! It is the name of a place where we took N along with our friends last weekend. We were about 8 adults and 4 kids. And boy we had so much fun, it was crazy. The kids loved it thoroughly and so did the adults who became kids :)

If you have been to the Gerry Martin Farm in Bangalore then you can relate Sanctuarry to it, except that Martin Farm has more animals and Sanctuarry had more activity fun stuff to do.

There were sheep, goats, rabbits, roosters, birds, ducks and geese.

One could feed them bundles of leaves and carrot sticks. The children loved doing this :)

 There were bullock carts too.

They have a large open area with lots of trees. And a tree house too - perrrfect for kiddies. They loved going up the stairs and playing with all the stuff inside. 

There is a sand pit and cycles for kids. A few tents are put up all over the place with fun stuff in almost each of them - alphabet floor puzzle in one and sleeping bags and chairs in another.

Some trampolines which are super fun. There were hammocks tied up and swings and charpoys too.... super relaxing and quiet atmosphere.

 And they have loads of other free activities - mind games, table tennis, mini sports series as well as paid stuff. We chose wall painting for kids. It was a paid activity and each kid got a bowl full of colour and big brush. They were made to wear aprons yet they managed to get themselves dirty :) And had a wonderful time painting their own masterpieces on the wall!

And yes for all you foodies out there - there is a Cafe on the go with a limited menu and fresh stuff :) However there is also a full scale menu if you want to pre order stuff.

Ooh and how can I forget the cute lil kiddies bathroom. They have kid sized low stuff in the bathroom so that the li'l ones can use them on their own. The walls outside are painted in nice and bright colours.

 We had an awesome time and plan to go again sometime!!

Sanctuarry is located close to the Forum Value Mall in Whitefield on the opposite side behind Fab India.  See address and other details on their FB page. You can ask them for details about activities, food and timings. It is better to call and go rather than walking in.

If you are googling them make sure you use the double r in the spelling :) 
Let me know if you would like to know more about our experience at Sanctuarry!

Linking this in to Patty's Weekly Party!! Happy Monday!

NOTE - I will be out for almost a month starting today - travelling and visiting relatives (N has a month off from school) so the posts might be infrequent or a quick scribble! But keep visiting and I promise you loads of lovely pictures :)

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  1. Hey I didn't realize it was a completely open air kind of place.. looks really nice..!

    Have a great holiday, and looking forward to all the photos :).

  2. Thanks ladies!! Ya, me very excited and looking fowd to the fun :)

  3. wow..! I love the WALL PAINTING IDEA.. sounds so much fun.. Really interesting place to visit.. :)

  4. Looks like a great place for kids! Nice shots...good to know you all had fun!

  5. Wow, Wow, Wow! Just our kind of place! Must check it out. Looks perfect for a bloggers' meet with kids!:)

  6. lovely place..worth a visit with family n friends. Enjoy your break but do peep in between to say hello.Take care. PK

  7. Oh lucky you!! Simran.. have a fabulous time.. Do post sometimes and think of us.. when you have having.. loads of fun..

    This place looks like a must see place for sure!! the kids with paintbrushes.. look like they are having a fabulous time.. :-) I'd love to be a kid again.. so many things to do.. so much of choice..

    Oh.. and I want the bullock card for my garden.. Can you see if they sell it ;-)

  8. Thanks ladies!! We sure had a lovely time :)

  9. Wow, what a fabulous place...looks like a lot of fun for both the kids and adults Simran:):)

  10. Hey wow - how do you discover such cool places Simz? I still haven't had a chance to go to Gerry Martin's Farm but was looking into them for N's bday party. We finally did it at the new Monkey Maze at Marathahalli - you should check that out too. Its awesome! I need to check out Sanctuarry sometime soon too. Thanks for such a detailed review!

  11. Thanks Divs!!! I guess i keep looking out for new stuff to do and sometimes info just happens to fall in lap :) I like Monkey Maze but haven't been to the Marathahalli one. Will try that out!!

  12. Hey Sim, I gave you award today, check out my blog!


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