Friday, November 30, 2012

We loooove Avocados!!

N and I... we both love our Avocados. In any form. We eat them cut-in-pieces-with-salt-sprinkled-over, as guacamole, in our sandwiches and our salads!

They are healthy, tasty and colourful. Here are some ways we use them -

Guacamole - We eat a lot of it, a LOT!! Give a lady her chips and dip and she will be very happy and grateful (the lady being me). I use a simple version of it - some diced onions (whichever ones I have at home - red or white), some diced tomato, crushed or finely diced garlic, chopped coriander, some paprika, salt and lemon. It is super fresh and flavorsome. Grab some chips - the fried, baked, unhealthy, healthy, any kinds and go dip!!

Photo from Flickr under a Creative Commons License from here

Sandwich - As a quick and healthy snack for those mid morning or evening hunger pangs. We use guacamole or plain fresh avocado smeared onto a slice of bread/toast, topped with a slice of tomato and sprinkled with salt and pepper on top.

Salad - A few red kidney beans, diced tomatoes, sweet corn, diced cucumber, and diced avocados.  Mix together, add some salt and pepper and a lil bit of balsamic or red wine vinegar and olive oil. Keep it in the fridge for a bit, tastes better cold. Perfect for those summer picnics too

Enjoy your veggies and go get some avocados!!!

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