Monday, July 15, 2013

Indya Kaleidoscope - a treasure chest!

Indya Kaleidoscope is a treasure cove tucked away in a corner. You won't spot it unless you are looking for it and once you do you won't want to leave :) 
It is a cozy little store with walls painted in bright colours, some peacock blue, some red. They showcase and sell, like they say on their FB page, good quality traditional arts and crafts. Be it in their original form or with a contemporary twist. 

They have on display Channapatna Laquerware, Banaras wood crafts, Brass artefacts, Terracotta products, Manipur Longpi pottery (also called Black pottery), Blue pottery, Plam wood crafts, Pondicherry stone pottery, Kantha work soft furnishing amongst a whole lot of other stuff. 

What welcomes you as you walk in to the store on the 1st floor, is a bright yet warm red wall and a whole room full of collectibles, home decor items and treasures to die for!

The brass idols collection against this red wall looks stunning. We saw a whole range of Ganesha idols, from classic to contemporary forms. Go find your own! 

There are beautiful paintings, like this one below, from Banaras. 

Collectibles, mini vases, pots, all hand-painted. Beautiful! 

Fabric clutches in all colours and shapes.

Colourful painted wooden dolls and boxes.

Krishna in all his glory.


Madhubani work lampshades. Hand-painted wooden boxes for storing your jewelry, nick knacks and small trinkets.

Brass and copper minis. Kitchen utensils, pots, miniature equipment. They look so so cute!

And one of my favorites - pottery from Pondicherry! 

Kantha work cushion covers.  They look beautiful, don't they? We are going to place our custom orders once the new place is ready.

The owner Preethi writes a blog too and does a lot of DIY-ers. You can check them out here.  
She also sources furniture and antiques on request. So contact her if you are looking for that antique wooden mirror for your bedroom wall or chains for the swing in your living room. 

She has recently created a space in the store where artists, craft makers, writers, bloggers, decorators, designers or just book readers can come, sit surrounded by some exquisite crafts and do their creative thing. They promise to keep the coffee flowing!! What more can you ask for? :) 
Drop in and find your treasure. They keep adding new stuff every now and then so worth scheduling a regular visit :) 

Store details
The IK store in Bangalore is at - 
BNRK Towers, 891/A, 1st Floor, 
7th A Cross, Koramangala 1st Block, 
Bangalore - 560034

Tel - +91 80 40981536
FB page - 
Website - 


  1. Replies
    1. We love it too Shruti!! :) Looking forward to more trips there!

  2. I'm eyeing the Kantha work too for my new place. I got that lovely miniature brass iron from here :-)
    Lovely store tour, Simran.

    1. Same pinch Uma and Thanks!! I LOVE kantha work and those cushions are super affordable too. Preethi mentioned that she can customize them for bigger cushions and runners too. I picked a lovely terracotta mask that is going to be put up in the new place :)

  3. Thank you so such for the feature Simran. You pictures are so much happiness. We are very grateful for all the love we receive.

    1. You are welcome Preethi! I love your store and am going to visit it again as soon as my new place is up and ready to go :)

  4. This place looks like a must visit, Simran :)

    1. Yes yes AJ! It is. If not to buy, just to see and sigh :) And Preethi is a lovely, warm person so go on and feast your eyes and catch up with her over coffee.

  5. Now I have to visit this store. I liked the cushion covers too. It will look good my my sofa no Sim?

    1. Yes Archana, you are right! On the green sofa the kantha work cushions - a mix and match of them will look lovely! :)

  6. she is a very inspiring young woman...just a small correction with the detail..the lampshades must be from andhra and not madhubani...lovely post..":)


    1. Yes Sudha, totally agree, love her passion, taste in things and smile :) Oops I thought they were Madhubani, will check with Preethi and correct this. Thanks for stopping by!!

  7. lovely! i want to go visit this place... i want one of those lampshades


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