Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lovely music and lyrics

There is this new Limca ad featuring Hrishita Bhatt and Viraf Patel ~ did you know Viraf was the Grasim Mr India 2005?
               The music is so refreshing and light! And the lyrics are beautiful. Though I am not a fan of being drenched in Limca or water for that matter.

Here are the lyrics -
Yeh nok jhok shararatein hain,
Phuharon ki yeh sazishen hain.
Thandi aahein, aur nigahein
Phir se apni bana lo na.
Soyi soyi khwahishon ko,
aaj phir se jaga lo na.

Taaza taaza rishton ki yeh,
taaza taaza ibaratein hain.
Shabnamon ki taazgi mein,
khwabon ko tum dooba lo na.
Khathi meethi in lamhon se,
mastiyon ko bicha lo na.

Yeh nok jhok shararatein hain...

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