Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Likes and Dislikes

Things I like about being in India
- The weather is great (in Bangalore as compared to the other places I have been to in India) - not too hot and not too cold
- Labor and services (maid, cook, carpenter, plumber etc) easily available - supply is more than the demand!
- Fresh fruits, veggies, juices are awesome!
- Chaat, golguppe, mithai yum yum
- Sense of freedom and being among your own
- More CLEAN public rest rooms available as compared to a few years back
- No need to set up playdates for your child, you can walk out the door and he/she can play with kids in the neighbourhood. 
- Sun-drying clothes gives them this fresh feel.

Things I don't like about being in India
- The roads are narrow; road expansion work in most of the areas is half done (in Bangalore)
- Traffic is BAD! You could be stuck on a 2 kms stretch for more than 30 minutes.
- Parking is still a sore point - jisne pehle gaadi ghusa di, spot uska ho gaya.
- Most of the malls and tourist spots are still not children/stroller friendly
- Prices of furniture and household electronics are too high - inflation at its best!
- My hair goes for a toss - its frizzy - ALWAYS (thanks to the humidity)
- The fully-automatic washing machines don't "completely dry" the clothes :(

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  1. And I thought frizzy hair was an affliction peculiar to south indians! My hair was frizzy even when I was abroad, but less so, and i LOVED that :)


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