Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rainbows and Apple Crumble!

Woke up today morning and saw this beautiful rainbow! N and I were both excited. N who was halfway through dressing for school, ran to wear his warm pants and grabbed his jacket. Then both of us went into the cold, 4 degrees Celsius temperature balcony and clicked this (it was a full end to end rainbow) - 

Beautiful! Ain't it?? 
Some things are just worth it!

Like having a freshly baked warm apple crumble with some cold vanilla ice cream. Gooey apples baked to perfection, crisp walnut-y rolled oats crust. Yumm! And icing on the cake, erm, crumble is that I made it myself... my first ever apple crumble. Recipe to follow soon... :) 

Happy Friday!!


  1. Super amazing.....waiting for the recipe now! Will try it too :)

  2. wow..the rainbow is amazing and so are the pics of the apple seem to be on a roll...enjoy! :-)

    1. Thanks Uma!! :) It is fun cooking these days...

  3. Rainbow = :) God's gift to you

    It is 11 p.m. And I want dessert *now* :(

    1. Thanks A! :) I know that feeling.
      I had made this 2 nights back and there was some left in the fridge so I got it out at 10:30 pm after dinner and brushing teeth and all was done and had it with ice cream, it was heavenly!!! When I come back I shall make it for you :)


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