Saturday, August 28, 2010

Birthday fun - table centerpieces

Its time for N's 2nd birthday (it actually is a month and a few teeny-weeny days away).
I believe in the "plan-plan-and-plan-in-advance" mantra. S is at the opposite end of this chain of thought. So he told me to talk to him about this when we have just about 15 days left for the event. Yeah you could hear me screaming (silently) till miles away.
I have decided to keep S away from my secret planning which I have started already :)

I was thinking of what theme should I put up this year which brought me back to his 1st birthday pictures.
I had organized his 1st birthday party with the theme "Twinkle Twinkle li'l star". It being N's favourite rhyme at that time.
I did some star centerpieces for the tables to match the theme decor.
Here are 2 pictures -

A few friends asked me for the details on making these.  Here is how I made these -

Materials needed -
1) Thermocol pieces or foam pieces (used in flower arrangements) for the base
2) Cellophane paper or coloured tissue paper used in gift bags to wrap the base 
3) Curling ribbon or satin ribbon
4) Wooden skewers or long ice-cream sticks
5) Foam star cut-outs - I picked these ready-made from the craft store. You can use construction/craft paper to cut out shapes.
6) Glitter glue in silver colour
7) Glue stick and
8) Transparent cellophane tape

You can start with drawing shapes on the foam star cut-outs with glitter glue and keep them to dry for some time. Glitter glue tends to run down while wet so keep the stars horizontal on a flat surface till the glue dries down. In case you are using craft paper - the thicker it is the better.
Once the glitter glue has dried, stick the stars on the skewers with glue and tape. You can stick stars on one side or both (back to back).
Next, stick the skewer or ice cream stick in the centre of the thermocol square from the top . Insert till almost the bottom or as close as possible.
Keep the square thermocol piece in the centre of the cellophane/tissue paper. I got readymade square pieces of thermocol from the craft store so did not need to cut thermocol.
Lift the cellophane paper from all sides and gather at the top (where the skewer goes in).
Tie a ribbon around it to give it the toffee wrapper-end look.

Voila! Your star centerpieces are ready!!
You can use the same concept to make other themed centerpieces. Hope you have fun making these.


  1. Oh lovely.. well done!! very well written.. Thanks Simran!!

  2. Beautiful!

    The next time you make stuff like this, please let me know. I would love to learn

  3. Lovely centrepiece Simran. Happy bday to N!:)

  4. Happy birthday to N!!! The center pieces look fab.

  5. How pretty! And love the theme! Birthday wishes to N

    *Dropping in from Shruti's blog*

  6. Shruti - thank you for hosting the artsy crafty which gives ppl this opportunity to share their work!
    Pooh - thanks for dropping by :)


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