Monday, August 09, 2010

Arty Crafty sunday

Sunday morning was bright and sunny - loved the weather!

I went to Dastkar - with my mom and a friend. It is a craft festival and this year is the 6th Bangalore NATURE BAZAAR showcasing crafts and craftspeople from across India. 
It is on from the 6th August 2010 to 15th August, 2010, from 11:00 AM to 8:30 PM at Palace Grounds, near Mekri circle.

Thanks to blogger Artnavy for letting us know. Like she said it was worth it. A little pricey in some cases but it was a visual treat and was a very culturally satisfying experience.

There was a rajasthani puppet show and dance shows at regular intervals.
I kicked myself for not taking the camera.
I picked up some beautiful Madhubani paintings (had been eyeing them for a long time) ... 

and a wrought iron mask from Chattisgarh....

Also picked some kites for N. Am sure both N and S will love flying those.


  1. Have you put them up already? that was quick!
    Pictures don't do justice to the intricate madhubani work

    Will drop by sometime with those pretty kites, you can add more photos then :)

  2. More than me S wanted to put them up quick, he really liked the paintings - which made me super happy :)
    I agree the pictures don't show the true paintings! I tried a couple of shots but the glass was very reflective.


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