Monday, August 02, 2010


I have been away from the internet for a few days (thanks to a nonfunctional laptop & house guests). My sister left this week and my mom arrived so I have been busy. N has been having a great time of course!!

I have been slowly collecting things for our apartment. Last week I put together N's room (its still not fully done) and this is how a part of it looks -

Here is a close up of N's art work & keepsakes that I have put up. Most of it is laminated so that it lasts longer.

The colourful cushions idea was borrowed from my sister-in-law (actually S' sister-in-law - his elder brother's wife). She is very artistic and has a great taste in things. Her house is spotless (even with 2 kids) and is a reflection of her creativity. I decided to get the multi-coloured cushions since they go with almost all of N's bedsheets and they bring an instant pop of colour that I like.

I picked up the bedsheet from FabIndia - its got cock-a-doodle-do's (as N calls them) all over with an orange border.


  1. Lovely, so bright and cheerful ! I love the colours - the cushions and the bedspread

    I think that is art from Tulika's Rooster and the Sun. FabIndia has a range of products adorned with art from this book

  2. Thanks Arundhati! I need to check out the "Rooster and the Sun".

  3. Nicely done simran. Can't wait to see the fully decorated room.


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