Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This has been a month of few firsts..... for N.

N came third in his first ever competition (if it can be called that). It was a a Mommy and me day  and a "make-art-out-of-scrap" activity at his playschool.
Mommies and their kids had to make something out of material like paper plates, old newspapers, straws, coloured streamers, shower caps etc.
The prizes were going to be based on the level of the child's involvement and creativity. So N and I made an Indian flag (it being Independence day this month) from straws and a newspaper cutting. I drew the map of India on the paper plate and N coloured it. We hung streamers of the flag colours onto the paper plate. N had a great time colouring and getting stuff from the common basket - glue, pencils, colours.
He never knew what a prize meant. So when he got the 3rd prize he kept looking at the gift wrapped prize and saying " N pize mine".

Another first was celebrating Independence day in India - it was N's first. And he was very enamoured with the Indian flag. Kept pointing at it wherever he saw it and learnt to name the colours too.

He participated in the celebrations in our apartment complex. The grown ups and children performed on the song "Mile sur mera tumhara". The children were dressed up in dresses from different states and were supposed to walk onto the stage as the grown ups sang in their state's language.
N was supposed to be represent Haryana. He wore a kurta and a dhoti (that was a first too!) and ran around.

He walked onto the stage when his turn came and stood there for an exact 45 seconds!! After which a water sprinkler on the ground caught his eye. The remainder of the song was spent in N walking around the sprinkler, trying to touch it and figuring out why the water wasn't coming out.
It was hilarious and cute at the same time. N of course was least bothered - he still had a full audience looking at him and smiling!

I hope he always retains this confidence and curiosity in life!!

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