Monday, August 09, 2010

Who says all auto-wallahs are bad?

I was on my way to the Dastkar craft mela at Palace Grounds on Sunday.
Being new to the area I am still not familiar with the routes. Doesn't help that I have been to couple of fairs in and around the same area now.

Based on past experiences, if I am not sure I usually stop and ask people for directions . I spotted an autowallah and stopped on the side. My friend asked him for directions to Palace Grounds.
He thought for a few seconds and gave us a set of directions.
My friend and I looked at each other - slightly perplexed because the directions didn't seem to make sense and our faces showed that we still felt lost.
Looking at us the auto-wallah smiled and offered to take us till our destination and told us to follow him.
He took us through that confusing set of u-turns and half right turns and brought us close to our destination.

Thanks to the good samaritan we reached the place without going around in circles!

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