Sunday, September 19, 2010

Terrible Twos

"I swear I am not going to take N out with me after today!" This is what I was feeling at the supermarket today evening.
It was a crazy, embarrasing and feel-helpless kind of situation :(

N spotted a toy car that he wanted to touch and play with and then he refused to let go of it when we were ready to go home.
S & I haven't seen this side of him. Lately he has been throwing tantrums and showing resistance to our usual methods of distraction or discipline.

I felt so helpless. A friend's FB status came to mind - "At times I have to remind myself that I am the adult and I need to stay calm".
Finally we did shorten our trip and left the store. Once we were outside he was distracted by cars and buses and forgot about the toy.
Next time before we go out, I am going to talk to him about where we are going, what we shall be doing and what is allowed. Hopefully that shall help!

Have you ever faced such a situation with your little one(s)?

Any suggestions on handling the terrible twos?


  1. Know exactly what you are talking about! These are the "WTH" moments followed by screaming "HEEEELP" internally!

  2. We are still working on how to make such trips better - though we have discovered ways to distract him and it helps to explain the motive of the trip beforehand :)

  3. It's really difficult to take the kids to shopping. Most of the time we tell our elder son beforehand what he can buy and how much budget it would be. For the younger one, he usually put the toys he can pick up in the trolley but in the end, at billing counter we would try to distract him and buy only what we decide.

    1. Yes Vasudha, talking beforehand helps. More like setting expectations. But that also takes some time for the kids to learn. Now that N is 4.5 it is much much easier :) The tantrums have gone down and he understands much better.


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