Sunday, September 26, 2010

Travel: Goa

We recently went on a vacation - it was our first after coming back to India. And Goa was just the perfect destination for that :)
We stayed in a resort called "Cidade de Goa" which means "City of Goa". Its situated in central Goa close to Panjim.
The location of the resort was great - close to the capital and not very far from the airport.

We entered the resort and were given the traditional Indian welcome - a kumkum tilak on the forehead. N was buzzing with excitement after the bus ride. The resort had beautiful life sized paintings on the walls from the Portugese era.

They had a beautiful spa inside the resort. Awesome massages slathered in rich oils and herbs. The spa looked so peaceful and serene.

Beautiful Mediterranean style interiors; spacious and just perfect for kids to run around and play.

I fell in love with their dessert collection in the lunch and dinner buffets. Don't they look so tempting? 

The resort had a nice kids room where N spent some time every day.

They had 3 restaurants all of which were themed differently.
Alfama - inspired by the bohemian town square in Lisbon. It had romantic balconies and alcoves with musicians serenading you during a candlelit dinner. They sang "You are my sunshine" at our table and N loved it!
Cafe Azul - had the charming ambience of an Italian cafe. It had an awesome view of the resort pool as well as the beach and the sea.

 Laranja was a global cuisine restaurant decorated in bright and fiery orange 

The resort had its private beach, so it was quiet and yet fun! 

Sightseeing was fun too - The Basilica of Bom Jesus or Basilica of Good Jesus is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  

I loved the feel of the ancient Fort Aguada.

Lovely vacation! I am already looking forward to another one :)


  1. Goa is one of my favorite places too1

  2. I know this was my first visit and I could go again :) we should do it together someday.


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