Sunday, November 21, 2010

Book fest, Ice gola, candy and guavas

So we finally managed to go to the famous Bangalore Book Fest - even though it was on the last day. Got some great deals and N was richer by a few books. So was I :)
What made me even more happy was that N went along and was such a darling. S wanted some time to himself which I agreed to after some initial reluctance. The reluctance majorly being due to the thought of N tagging around a 300 stall crowded book fest.
But N listened to me, agreed to sit in the stroller throughout and even held my hand when walking outside. I think the huge crowd played its role too in scaring N into being nice.
The good behaviour deserved a reward. So mom and son gorged on orange flavoured ice gola - yes all you "what-kind-of-water-did-the-gola-wala-use" ppl the ice/water looked pretty ok and we haven't fallen sick... yet. We also had candy. N loved seeing how the candy was made.
And some fresh ripe guavas from the rehri-wala were just the perfect thing on a slightly cold Bangalore evening.
It was a perfect day and book shopping is always fun! After all one can never have too many books.

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