Monday, November 01, 2010

N & emotions

I came back home from a mini-shopping trip. N ran up to give me a hug.  He smiled and said "Mamma, N love Mamma". This was after I showed him the 2 new books I got for him - wonder if it was the books or sheer love for me.


Me watching some tear jerker on the idiot box - I think it was Masterchef India (well I cry at anything remotely emotional) so stop laughing. N looking at me and the tv set (think spectator watching tennis ball to and fro). N tells S (who is in the room, yet, miles away reading the newspaper) "Daddy cooking aunty sad, mamma sad also".


N was read the riot act by S one evening. N walks up to his room and sits on his chair both hands supporting the chin, face glum. I ask him "What happened baby?".
"Mamma N not talking Daddy. Daddy loud. N upset".


  1. Good Lord! N is catching on so fast!!!

  2. Yes he is... there are things that we don't even mention but he has this 6th sense-ish thingy and catches on to it.


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