Monday, June 27, 2011

Mosaic love

This weekend was a hectic one!
My in-laws are visiting and they wanted to see the Iskcon temple. So we made the trip on Saturday.
We were visited by monkeys (Yes!!) at home. Thankfully no one was hurt but we all were in shock for a few minutes. Monkeys have descended onto our apartment complex from I don't know where and have been surprising people with home visits via the balcony!
Attended a birthday party on Saturday night.
Met up an old colleague from the US for lunch on Sunday at Ebony on MG Road. I have fond memories of the place and always like most of their food.

I also clicked these beauties that I picked up from The Orange Bicycle some weekends back. I fell in love with these mosaic pots that a local organisation from Mysore makes. And the super lazy person that I am I told the lady there I wanted some plants with least amount of maintenance. She gave me two cacti! :)

Here are the latest additions to my green dekor.

And in case you still haven't participated, my 100th post giveaway is still on till 28th June End Of Day. Hurry up and leave your comments on that post!!

Linking this in to Weekend Wrap Up on Colours Dekor.

UPDATED - I learnt recently that these mosaic pots and other very beautiful planters available at The Orange Bicycle are from Green Essence. Check more of their stuff out! Its fun, colourful and modern!


  1. Hey, those pots look gorgeous.

    And I love those wooden chairs in your blog header. Where are they from? I am looking for something similar for my living room...

  2. Those are pretty pots...and the cacti look nice in them.

  3. Hey I'm from bangalore too!
    I loved your blog, first time im reading it :P

    The pots are beautiful! Ive never been to the orange bicycle, cos its so far away, but now I think I have to go!

  4. Richa - That is a set of 3+2+1 from Lifestyle in Bangalore. I loved the modern and contemporary look of the sofa and the chair.
    Thanks Neha!
    Harini - Thanks for visiting! You should go to TOB, it has loads of other nice stuff :)

  5. Lovely stuff. Will check the place out - thanks!

  6. pots are very beautiful. I should go more on cacti, recently I bought 2 more plants, 1 is dead and other is almost.

  7. Love the mosaic pots... Beautiful... Guess I should definitely stop by Orange Bicycle when I visit Bangalore some time...!!!
    And succulents are the best to grow... THose cute littl' things require very less attention ;-) ..

    Have a fab week, Sims... !!

  8. these mosaic pots are gr8 to have one...ur blog looks gorgeous..

  9. Even I love your sofas. Me and hubby are looking something similar for our new house. :)

  10. oh so gorgeous!! I like I like!! I'd love to try mosaic myself.. *sigh*.. One more added to the 'to do' list .. Thanks for linking in Simran.. Totally makes my day!!

  11. Lovely cactus, but the pots are even better, love the have great taste !!

  12. Thanks Choxbox and Nayana!
    Nayana - I don't have a green thumb at all. So the cacti work great for me!
    Thanks Emreen! Lemme know whenever you are in town and I can take you over to TOB :)

  13. Thanks for the kind words Nisha!!
    Great Patty! Knowing you I am sure you would do this project and it would turn out beautifully.
    Thanks for the compliment AAD. Totally made my day :)
    Thanks Notyet100!


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