Saturday, December 22, 2012

Day 23 - Graffiti in Wellington

I spend a lot of time walking around in Wellington, partly because we live in the CBD (Central Business District) or downtown and partly because we do not have a car. The city is very compact and everywhere we go on a daily basis, is walkable. S and I made a conscious decision not to buy a car unless we move to the suburbs. Though S does miss the driving around sometimes.

I on the other hand feel that it's been working great for us. We are "green", get our 30 mins a day (and sometimes more) of brisk walking and no parking issues. 

While I walk around town I see a lot of art and graffiti on walls, garages and buildings. Don't know if any of this is legal or not.

Here is some of Wellington's graffiti through my eyes. 

This is a residential building with modern loft style apartments

This was one smart and innovative artist! 

Hope you are having an awesome Sunday! Thanks for visiting!

This post is part of the Marathon Blogging December 2012. 


  1. Woah! So colorful... pretty pretty

  2. Very talented bunch out there I can see. Lovely captures, Simran!

  3. Beautiful. NZ has been on my list forever. Need to get to it as soon as I start earning again ;)

  4. Thank you people!! And so sorry for not being regular with the follow up comments, have been travelling just too much... :)


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