Monday, September 30, 2013

Alien feelings

The feelings are very alien, very weird and mixed! End of day 1 in my "own" house and I can't feel a thing that supports that fact.
I will not pretend that all the feelings are in the neighbourhood of happiness.

There is surprise that a structure of walls, columns, beams and bricks - a blank canvas can convert into something beautiful and a work of art.

There is worry about the sheer amount of work involved to keep a house clean. True for any size, shape, style of a home.

There is disappointment about the way some of us humans behave, the greed we display for money, for more, for anything extra or free. The kharcha-paani that every delivery or installation person wants even though the sales receipt and customer service says delivery and installation are free of cost ma'm!

The shock when a lady who comes to help do a one-time, one-day only, clean up of the place, which has already been properly cleaned once, asks for Rs 600/- to do a round of sweeping and mopping and no other actual cleaning and refuses to budge till that amount is given.

The feeling of being let down by the shoddy work done by some groups of workmen, with the taps leaking at places, the doors coming off at hinges, the paint peeling off (already???). What happened to good work ethics, quality of work and doing one's job properly?

The feeling of slight regret at the thought that maybe I should have gone with a big interior contractor/firm to do get all the work done. Maybe the final quality and look of the work could have been better. The could-have-beens and if-onlys just add to it.

The hope that all these niggles and hiccups will be gone eventually and things will work smoothly.

The pleasure of lovely views, night time city lights, cool breeze, warm hearts and sun drying clothes.

The joy when things like newspaper delivery, laundry collection, milk delivery and car wash are all taken care with one phone call.

The belief that all things that are meant for you shall come to you - in one way or another! So do what you want to and life will gently tread you towards the path meant for you, towards people you are supposed to meet, towards places you are supposed to go to!


  1. The teaser of your home looks gorgeous, Simran. Somehow, even before I've moved in, I can empathize with all your mixed feelings. I'm sure all these will settle down to just warmth and happiness within your home that has been created with so much love and effort. Waiting to see the rest of the lovely house. We'll get a home tour, won't we?

  2. The home look gorgeous Sim. It is only normal that you go through this feeling.. You will not believe that for good 12 months I missed my rented home before I could call Mantri Residency my home.. Now I cannot imagine living anywhere else...!

  3. What beautiful lights Sim <3 I cant wait to see the house. *House warming* Cough *party* cough *party* God Bless.

  4. Lovely....just lovely. Congratulations on moving into your new home. And beautiful lights btw!

  5. Beautiful lights. Looking forward to seeing more pics!

  6. this is a lovely post. there is so much to get inspiration much to feel the relief that we are not alone in this crazy world full of weirdness.


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