Wednesday, January 08, 2014

New Year! New Beginnings!

Hola people!! How is the New Year treating you?? Fun? Happening? Not so much? Here are a few updates from my end on what's been happening in the New Year!

* I saw this picture on Facebook here and decided to have my jar of "good thing notes"!

So here is my jar with notes about what I am thankful or grateful for or happy about. 
The jar itself is a happy reminder of a wonderful New Year's eve and day spent with friends and family :) I will keep adding a note to the jar whenever something makes me feel good. 
                        May all of you have plenty of moments to be thankful for, may you have moments that bring you closer to you and your family this year :) 

* I have started writing for another website called Women's Web! With that now I am freelancing for 3 websites - The Portico Fashion@Home blog, the Dottedi blog and Women's Web

My latest post on Fashion@home is on "How to make the best of the sale season!" so go on read that and head out for some shopping therapy :) 
The one on Women's Web this month is how to organize your home smartly and decor items related to that. Need a quick refresher for the house? Check this article. 
I am looking for more writing opportunities, not necessarily in the same areas. If you know of someone or something that can help me, do let me know. 

* I have also decided to shake that blanket of laziness and get this blog active and up! So look forward to more homes in the "Real Homes" series, more store features, posts, updates on setting and decorating the new house. #Rubbingmyhands, #Excitedme. 

Have a lovely day and happy week ahead!!


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    1. Wrote a comment and disappeared :). Lovely post and such a thoughtful thing do to of being grateful for all that we do in bits of paper. This method acts as a reminder to do just that. I personally do a lot of self reflection from time to time during my asana and pranayam practice. It gives great solitude to actually reflect on ones actions, the good, bad and the ugly ones. It also helps us to understand the inner meaning of life and beyond. And making notes of what we are grateful for is so apt for such reflections. Will make my boys practice this at home. And what a fantastic way to start the new year this way!. Keep up the great work you are doing simran. All the best and happy new year to you too.

  2. Btw, i came back to your website for new posts, did not read any for a long time. Where are you, I want more from you!!


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