Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Broken yet enough

My son N is 20 months old now. His vocab is increasing by bounds and leaps ~ almost  3-4 new words everyday. He has started broken sentences too which is kind of fun. S (my husband) and I need to put together a joint effort to figure out the meaning of some of these sentences though.

So the other day he came back from playschool and me being the average-curious-about her-kids-progress-mom asked him "What did you do in class today?" In response he looked at me with big round brown eyes with an expression which seemed like "How do I care ma? I go there to play" 
And then he said animatedly "Mam", "No cry", "Driver bhaiya" "peep peep".

All I could figure out was his teacher told him not to cry (which means he is still crying at class) and the driver pressed the car horn (which N loves doing in our car and his masi's scooter).

Am looking forward to more of this.... Even though the words are broken yet they are enough for us to communicate.  

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