Wednesday, June 23, 2010

From tears to smiles

I walked down N to the bus stop or car stop (he goes to playschool in a car). I let him walk at his own pace today - stopping on the way to admire the red, puhple (that's his version of purple) and lellow (that's yellow) flowers.

He ran behind the butterflies and climbed onto stones. He shook hands with the perplexed security guard and waved bye to the daily wage labourer.

When his pick up car came he calmly went into the maid's arms. He then made himself comfortable in the rear seat, looked up at me and said "Bye mama". There was no smile ~ yet. I am hoping it will be there soon.

Cut to the first few days of going to school in the car. Neil bawled with big tears rolling down his cheeks and was upset about leaving mommy behind.

As time progressed (almost a month) the big tears gave way to smaller ones and then sobs and then just a sad face and then a straight face. Hoping to see a smile soon!

These little ones take time to trust someone but then they eventually do trust you wholeheartedly. He looks forward to going to school with "Driver bhaiya".


  1. Oh good to hear that! :)

    Running after butterflies, climbing up rocks and smelling flowers! Sounds heavenly. If I were him, I'd have done that all day :D

  2. He loves wandering off the track and doing this stuff while mommy dearest keeps running behind him :)

  3. little baby!
    I love your blog Sim!!!! I've been reading it fom newest to older though.....

  4. Suk - I wish the kids could spend some part of growing up together! Or maybe I am being selfish and want it for myself.


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