Friday, July 16, 2010

Is there anything such as "too much excitement"?

Okay! So I am very excited, very very excited about two things.
I am looking forward to one - start painting and two - going to the Strand Monsoon book festival (They have an up to-80% sale).

I am all set with materials needed to paint - pencil, eraser, sharpener, drawing paper, brushes, water colours and oil pastels. This sudden desire for painting was a result of trying to find a new hobby and lack of good paintings for my new apartment. So maybe I can create something that I like and put it up.
Ah! Now you might be thinking "she must be a very talented painter". Not exactly! I am an amateur. But I do have a lot of passion and ideas. And I did go to a few hobby drawing classes when I was in school.

And my other latest passion is collecting books for my home library. So the Strand book sale is going to be an awesome opportunity.
Plus I will be going there with a friend whose company I really enjoy, so that's a double bonus!
And I would love to pick up some good books for N. I am reaching that stage where I could close my eyes and read out all his books.

Thinking about going there is already giving me a high, wonder what'll happen once I get there!


  1. nice...painting is something i want to try someday too, but haven't done it yet. Best wishes...I hope you do well and create beautiful art :)

    the book sale sounds like fun...enjoy!

  2. ok now I shall do the dishes with an even bigger grin :) u made my day!

    I'm already dying to c ur paintings. Maybe I'll get inspired :) Problem is I can't draw but I like to paint. Modern art or flowers maybe...

    Now I better stop rambling and get started on those dishes!!!

  3. Thanks Titaxy! I am looking forward to both the activities :)

    Arundhati - :) :)

  4. Great blog Di:) I am hooked on to it ..

  5. Thanks Prachi! Hope to keep you guys entertained thru this :)

  6. As I mentioned I am also painting also nowadays. Found couple of tiles lying around and have been painting on them. Last week found some nice silk and made cushion covers from that. Painting for you is still on my to-paint' list.Your blog reminds me to do so...before you fill your own home with all nice one's;)

  7. Hey Prachi, Wud love to see ur paintings. Silk cushion covers sound great.
    I have started with pencil sketching. will put up the pictures once I create something.


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