Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Lady like.... maybe not!

I am a fairly new blogger and so when Arundhati of Arundhati's blog tagged me it took me some time to figure out what that meant.  So I visited IHM's blog who initiated the tag and gained more gyaan about the tagging business. This tag is called 'My sins against gender-stereotypes'.

I loved both their posts - Arundhati's and IHM's!  

My first tag and here is my list - 

1. I have a very visible tattoo on my left shoulder - much to the chagrin of orthodox and conservative family walas both mine and the in-laws.

2. I chose whom I wanted to marry and have no regrets about that- defied a couple of social norms and ended up creating a big drama too!

3. I love cameras and taking pictures - much more than my better other half!

4. I like driving and am confident about driving on Indian roads. Driving makes me feel in control of my life!

5. I DON'T like chick flicks or mush mush movies. I would rather watch a "Dark Knight" or a "Shawshank Redemption" than a "Pretty Woman".

6. I can cook for survival BUT beyond that its a pain. I am not a fan of cooking everyday & every meal, but love doing it once in a while and for parties.

7. I like my financial independence and love working - am on a break right now.

8. I have tried all possible kinds of alcoholic beverages and love my poisons - vodka and rum. I am more of a rum and coke person than a wine lady!

9. I have trekked mountains and rappelled down them with great ease; to the surprise of my male counterparts.

10. I like taking charge and getting things done quick - don't have patience for the slow & lazy race of human beings.

11. I have travelled across 3 continents by myself. Taken a 3 day train journey sitting on suitcases and bags with 27 boys and no girl. Taken a 1 & 1/2 year old on a 14 hour flight and survived it.

12. I have a great sense of direction and a pictographic memory when it comes to roads - that combined with my driving can take me to places I have been to years ago just based on my memory map.

There is girly stuff that I love - maybe I should write another blog for that. OR wait for someone to start a tag about girly stuff that we do :)

And since I am relatively new to the blogging world so can't tag people yet. But I don't mind the blue pants curse - I can add that to this list! 


  1. Tattoo and rum!!! You make the rest of us seem like bachchis :-))

    psst... It was my first tag too

    ps - The next time I come over, vodka please! Was on my to-try list but by then I was pregnant, so had to sip my juice and be content watching others :(

  2. I love this one! I knew most of this but some of it was definitely new! I do miss my friend who accepts the "different-ness" in herself and others so easily! :)

  3. Wow, you rock and i admire you. I can hardly do any of the things mentioned. Keep going. I wish i could atleast drive:( I am loving your blog.Planning to read by all your posts. PK

  4. Thanks PK! I am sure you can do a whole lot of other things that I or other people can't :) Welcome to the blog!


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