Saturday, July 03, 2010

"Witness the Night"

I brought this book yesterday and finished reading it within 6 hours. I took a break in between to go for the movie "I hate luv storys".

The summary on the back cover was very captivating.
Some of it read -
" Durga. A fourteen-year-old-girl, found all alone in a sprawling house in Punjab. Silent, terrified, and the sole suspect in the mass murder of 13 members of her family.

Simran. A whisky-swigging, chain-smoking social worker from Delhi. She is Durga's sole hope, for Simran is the only one who believes that she may be more a victim than a suspect.... "

From the back cover on I was hooked to the book. Page after page it was a compelling read and very well written.
But somehow in the end I felt betrayed. The end didn't do justice to the beginning. The mystery was still not very clear you could reach your own conclusions.

But I would definitely recommend it. It is a very good first time novel by the author Kishwar Desai and it does end on a happy note.

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