Wednesday, December 01, 2010


There are some days when everything goes just as planned. Today was one of those days - just perfect! :)
It was a foggy, grey winter morning today. The ones where you feel like being bundled up on the couch or day-bed near the window with a hot cuppa coffee - something like this -


N was supposed to go to school early starting today. That would give me more time and flexibility to work. So off he was and I caught up on work - had the cup of coffee I was yearning for too. No lovely-by-the-window couch though :( 
Managed to finish some work and a lot of other stuff too! N came back - unperturbed by the extra 2 hours at school - he seemed happy rather. Had his lunch and dozed off to sleep.

I hope this lasts ... well even if it doesn't there are good days like today always.

BTW, I am looking forward to the OWC Christmas Bazaar on Sat, Dec 4th here in Bangalore.
Check out the Red River blog here for details.

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