Saturday, December 18, 2010

House to Home

S and I recently came back from the US where we were for the last 6 and 4 years respectively. We landed in India and moved to namma Bengaluru after a short attend-weddings-at-home stint. S had come down to B'lore 2 weeks before N and I landed and zeroed in on a place to rent. I had no clue and no choice but to trust S' judgement and choice. And it did turn out to be great :)
The apartment we are currently in is a new construction ( I love that part) with beautiful mini-green-areas, well maintained lawns & colourful flowers. Oh yes there are walkways, a play area for the kiddies, swimming pool, lawn tennis and badminton courts, a clubhouse, gym and sauna among the other things thrown in by the builders to charm people.
We are in a rented place. And are swinging between the decision to buy vs not-buy in Bangalore. But that doesn't stop me from dreaming!!
So I go around window shopping for all the stuff that would be in my dream house. If all that furniture and home decor found their way into my dream house it would resemble a storage place rather than home. Will update this space soon with all the stuff I would love to have some day.


  1. I love your blog..look forward to seeing & hearing more about your pretty home..ash

  2. Thanks Ash! Was off on a vacation hence the long break will update the blog soon.

  3. Hi,

    Chanced upon your blog from Rajee Sood's and read this post. Like you, am moving from the US to India too, in a few months. Who better to ask for suggestions than a decor enthusiastc- Can you pretty please tell me the things you bought/ think are worth buying from US, from a decor perspective?

    I know its too broad a topic and very personal choice, but I'd like to get a general idea.


  4. Hi M,

    Thanks! Decor enthusiast sounds kinda big. But yes I love all things nice and beautiful :)
    So here are my 2 cents on what I got/should have got/think that u shud get from there - We didn't get any of our furniture shipped from there. But I guess we could have atleast some of the real fav and not so used stuff. Furniture here is expensive atleast in Bangalore. So research a lot and then buy. I wouldn't get too many bedspreads/ sheets etc coz the sizes are different. A king here wud be smaller than a king there and probably there will be 2 types of king beds here etc. But if you want to use king sized sheets on a queen sized bed here - that shud be ok. You have a lot of choice for cushions here so no need to bring those. Curtains - I got some light transparent kinds but again u have a lot of choice for those here. Carpets and rugs are nice here too - again in bangalore u don't have too much choice in that category. Table decor, runners, knives, cutlery, dinner sets would be on my list to bring from there - atleast a few things - the quality and style there are much better in some of these categories. Get your knives for sure. Bakeware, cookware, serving dishes are also nice to bring from there - they are long lasting than the ones u get here. I think that's about it. Hope that helps! :)


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