Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The best compliment ever

I visited a fellow blogger - Sarika of Kraftaria today evening and N tagged along too. 
Once we were there N said hello to Sarika and her daughters. And then proceeded to play with the younger daughter while the mommies were chatting.
He likes to ask names so his first usual question when meeting someone new is "Whatsh your name?" followed by "My name is N".  He did that with the girls too.
After a few minutes I got up to leave and told N to say bye bye.
He grabbed hold of a small stuffed toy and said "I want to keep dis back". Saying this he ran to keep the stuffed toy back at the place where he picked it from. Said bye to everyone and came and stood next to me.
At this point Sarika's elder daughter K says "He knows his manners aunty!"

You should have seen my face beaming with pride and happiness :)
Couldn't have received a more genuine and honest compliment - coming from a 4th grader it felt sweet as in hard-work-pays-off sweet!! 

Thanks K. You made my day!! :)

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  1. thanks a lot Simran aunty for including me in ur post.I like N a lot,he's cute


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