Monday, February 28, 2011

Bollywood and awards ceremonies!

I wrote an article for my apartment's annual magazine and here is the glimpse of the magazine followed by the article.

Its awards season and Bollywood has been having so many of them!
Frankly what's with Bollywood and so many award functions? These celebrities are just not happy with one. I think they secretly suffer from a narcissistic complex and the more they win the happier they become.

Did you know there are not 1 or 2 or 3 but atleast 6 awards given out every year for the same set of films? Here are some of them -
1) Apsara Film & Television Producers Guild Awards
2) Star Screen awards
3) Idea Filmfare awards
4) IIFA awards
5) Stardust awards
6) Zee Cine awards
Each one of them claims their uniqueness in being truly-one-of-a-kind or the oldest awards or the most prominent award or the people's choice or for-the-industry-and-by-the-industry. And they say that they are all fair too! But being a part of the audience I wonder which one is the real one?

I am not too sure about the acting skills of most of the folks in Bollywood but yes they did pay attention to their probability lessons at school. They support all the awards hoping that if not one ceremony then the other will fetch them an award.

And with more and more sponsors turning up every year, the time is not far away when we will have award ceremonies sponsored by Jhandu Balm, 555 jhadoo and even Harpic Toilet cleaner!! You don't believe me?? Look at some of the actual sponsors for the Zee Cine awards - and notice that they change every year!
1998-2001 - Lux Zee Cine Awards
2002-2003 - Fair View Zee Cine Awards
2004 - Pan Parag Zee Cine Awards
2005 - Sunfeast Zee Cine Awards
2006 - LIC Zee Cine Awards
2007 - Aditya Birla Group Zee Cine Awards
2008 - Lux Zee Cine Awards
2011 - Marina Bay Sands Zee Cine Awards

Why can't we have just one set of awards and trust a set of jury people to make the right decision? Oh well then how will all the Stars, Zees, Ideas and Filmfares make more money? And the Munnis and Sheelas too!

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