Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day: Heart Envelope tutorial

It is that time of the year when all one can see around is pink, red, hearts, flowers and all the mushy stuff that goes with it!
So what did I do for V day? I gifted my hubby a pass to freedom!!! Yay! 
Now don't get your thoughts running. It was just a set of tickets to the India Australia practice match before the ICC World Cup 2011.  This was my way of saying "Go have fun, do your guy thing (Minus the wifey and the kids tagging along)!"
Though S scored points by asking "Where are tickets for you and N?" as soon as he opened the envelope!
I made this valentine(y) envelope and put the tickets inside. The match just happened to be on the day before Vday hence the hearts and all!

Here is a tutorial of how I made the envelope [Warning: Long post] -

My raw material - a sheet of thick black chart paper, fevicol, scissors, ruler, the tickets, some heart shapes to stick on to the envelope.

I used a black rectangular piece of thick chart paper - rectangle to match the size of the tickets. I cut enough lengthwise so that I could fold it 3 times into 3 equal sized parts.

I folded the bottom part to make the base of the envelope. The top part was cut into a triangle shape to make the flap (see picture below)

Thin strips were cut from the sides of the lower-most part so that the middle half could be folded over to seal the edges of the envelope. The sides were then glued with fevicol.

For the hearts, I had some old cards with different sizes, textures and colours of hearts.
 I used some of those hearts directly or to trace on to other material.

One of the hearts was out of this eye mask lying around from N's 2nd birthday. It was red and glossy and matched my requirements.

Voila! The envelope with the hearts glued on top and the tickets went into it!

S liked it and had a great time at the match. He went with a friend who is a great sports enthusiast so it was all the more fun. N and I even got to see them on TV!!
Have a great day and may you all be blessed with lots of love in your lives.

P.S. - I am linking this to the DIY Feb Carnival at The Key Bunch and to Show and Tell Wednesdays at Blue Cricket Design!


  1. Hey, this is such a cool idea. I'm sure hubby dear must be beaming with pride :). Thanks for linking in the keybunch carnival.

  2. Thanks Rekha! This was something born out of sheer necessity and the urge to do something fun :) Hubby dear was happy I must say.

  3. Sharmistha ChoudhuryFebruary 16, 2011 at 3:30 AM

    Sim! Very thoughtful of you to present the tickets. I am definitely borrowing this idea!

  4. Thanks Shar!! Both S and I help each other have fun by doing stuff that we like and some "me-time" too :)


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