Monday, February 21, 2011

The latest addition to my home...

... is this beautiful console table and a mirror.

You can see a glimpse of my mask wall in the mirror on the right edge. The mask wall in a separate post!

I think this console looks very similar to the 2nd one in this post. I love the colour, and the clean simple lines. I also love the fact that the console table has a mirror in the bottom half too.

I am still experimenting with the decor on the table so consider it work-in-progress for now.

And another favourite addition is this lovely YELLOW pot!! I wanted something bright that brings a pop of colour into the room. At the same time it should complement the room decor and colours.
Add a few gerberas and voila!!! I absolutely love this look. Bright peppy and cheerful :)

I set this up over the weekend and I am linking this to the Weekend Wrap Up 19 over at Patty's.

Happy Monday!!


  1. Any time you wish Shruti!! :) Lets plan our next blogger meet at my place.

  2. Ooh.
    I like the mirror at the bottom too, hadn't noticed that. And love the pot with gerberas!

    P comment: "N house. Why is N house so beautiful?"

  3. Thanks Sarika, Notyet100, 42 and Arundhati!
    Arundhati - Big hug to P from my side :) Love how kids just say what they feel like, straight and honest!

  4. Oh wow!! wow!! Simran... the console table is beautiful... and all the colours so so cheerful.. Thanks for linking into the weekend wrap up... this week... :-)

  5. Lovvvely console table! The mirror beneath is a great idea. Annd such a cheerful yellow flowerpot :))
    And thanks for yesterday's comment on my post, Simran!!

  6. Thanks Patty! I love your linky party - its so much fun to see all the other ideas too.
    Ambika - Thanks! The yellow just makes it so much brighter :)

  7. Love the color of the wood, so warm.

  8. Hi Simran

    Could you please email me at thekeybunchATgmailDOTcom

    Thanks a bunch


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