Thursday, January 20, 2011

Console Tables - wish list!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we have started the hunt for a console table. I had this vision in my head since ages about having a console table in the entry way in my house. And finally in our current apartment (even though its not ours - but is a rental) there is the kind of space where a console table would look great.

So S and I did go out and look at a few tables last weekend. Liked a few and it got me thinking - If I had the choice what sort of console table would I really really want to have? Here are a few that got me drooling!

I want a console table with a mirror, absolutely! Mirrors make the room bigger and brighter and pretty too! So this one was an easy favourite -

I also have this bias towards semi circular or half consoles like the one below. I like the little bit of detailing on this and the fact that it has a lower slab - more opportunity to keep and show stuff!


This one is simple, clean and the colour is deep and choclaty - love that!


This one is from Pottery Barn. It is elegant and restrained. Love the green plant in the white holder. Isn't that so fresh and beautiful?


This one has got some storage too but what I love most about it is the small lamps on the console. The right lighting can do so much to your room and mood.


Well lets see what I finally end up with. I hope I find what I like or like what I find :)
Happy Thursday - Friday is almost here!!

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