Thursday, January 27, 2011

Latest Nisms

N's growing up real fast... I mean its crazy sometimes. He's been talking a lot, doing a lot of new things and making us laugh too. 
Here is a few of his latest conversations!

S, N and I are in the elevator along with another 40-ish man. N turns on the fan in the elevator.
S to N - Did you turn on the fan because you are you feeling hot?
N - Yes
S - Did you ask uncle if he is ok with the fan?
N to 40-ish man - Uncle are you hot??
40-ish man - Very hot!!

N is in class at playschool. His teacher is showing pictures of objects that start with the letter W. Once she shows it to them they repeat after her.
The whole class says W for wall clock. N says W for W clock
The whole class says W for watermelon. N says W for lemonwater


N's first sentence with a conjunction - please note the logic put in all by himself.
Me to N - Hey what happened on your elbow. Did you get hurt?
N - Ya mama. I got an ouie (boo-boo) in Jenukallu (a nature resort we had gone for a weekend).
S - Oh! So then we shouldn't go to Jenukallu again? You got hurt there.
N tries to kiss the boo boo on the elbow, manages to kiss somewhere close then says "Mama we can go to Jenukallu now because N kissed his ouie. He ok now"


  1. You are in the handicrafts Industry..thats exciting...iam just a mommy to be i hv tiem to go to expereince this..

  2. was in turned a smalltime manpower consulting entreprenuer as well..nice to know u.

  3. Hello Deepa - Nice to know you too. Mommyhood is fun and takes a lot of work too :) Its almost like a full time job. So enjoy it!!

    Just popped in to say u won...

    awwww.. Such sweet talk from N. :) They grow up way too fast..


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