Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was my first at home in the New Year and after my vacation. So it was all about sorting, cleaning and organizing. I also gave my house the what-does-it-need look and I noticed that I need to add more masks to my collection.
I recently started collecting masks - fascinated by the variety of art forms and cultural influences in masks and inspired by some fellow bloggers. I already have 3 in my collection, they are on different walls right now, but I plan to put them up on one wall when the collection grows bigger.

My existing collection -
The one on the left is from Indonesia. It is a wooden mask and is etched and painted. The black one on the right is a Bastar tribal handicraft from Chhattisgarh. It is wrought iron painted black.
S and N even have names for these - The wooden one is "Samba uncle" and the black one is "Basanti aunty" (aunty because she wears earrings).

And my latest addition is this pair from Arunachal Pradesh. These are hand carved wooden masks. They are supposed to be Samba uncle and Basanti aunty's babies. Their names are Kalia and Bhedia - don't ask me why! I wasn't part of the christening ceremony.

This time on vacation one of my aunts - a very smart, independent and loving person and a favourite of mine had us over for lunch. I saw these masks at her place and these or something similar are next on my list!

Love the golden yellow bronzish finish on these ganesha masks/wall hangings. And the terracotta ones below are eye catching too!  

We also started hunting for console tables. More on that later!! Happy Monday!!

This is my entry to Patty's Weekend Wrap Up 14! Check out what other people were doing over the weekend!


  1. Thanks Shruti and I loved the Madhubani bookmarks! Might even attempt them at home :)

  2. Yes u should try.. its very easy. Wanted to ask you, where did u buy your sofa set from? .. I looked at a couple of furniture showrooms over the weekend.. did not find any like the 1 you have.

  3. Nice names ...could stop laughing :)

  4. I agree Parul! When I heard them the first time I couldn't stop laughing either. The credit completely goes to S! :)

  5. Oh my... such gorgeous... gorgeous masks.. thanks for joining the weekend wrap up!! *smiles*

  6. Thanks Patty for hosting the Weekend Wrap every week so sincerely! Happy New Year to you :)

  7. WOWsy---love your collection Simran!

    drool and super drool..... :)

  8. Simran... do connect to the Colours dekor face book page... I've posted your gorgeous masks there today... They are awesome... A home tour is due now... *smiles*

  9. Cool masks, I love them too :)

  10. Thanks Gagan!
    Notyet100 - I love the ganeshas too. But its still not mine ;) Its definitely on my wish list though!
    Patty - Thanks for featuring me on your FB page. I did visit it and shared it with my friends too!

  11. Thanks for following and another simran!! i am now going to spend some time at your blog!!

    it looks great!

  12. Oh you are welcome Kanika! Enjoy reading my blog :)


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