Saturday, March 05, 2011

Cutest picture!

Ain't this the sweetest, most carefree picture in the world (ok, in my world)??

This is N and his friend P hanging out at the Bangalore International Airport.
We had set out for a picnic at Nandi Hills one fine holiday morning. Unfortunately the monkeys atop the hill didn't like the idea of us sitting and eating food while they just watched (Ahem!).

So the scared, laughing and finally hysterical ladies decided to feed the kids in the protected interiors of the car. We did some sightseeing and then proceeded down hill. Our search for a nice shady spot with no animals around proved futile! Couldn't find anything for miles around. The airport was on the way home and the boys loved seeing planes go by every few minutes. So we decided to picnic at the airport and it was a funny sight I must say. Us and the trolley with our picnic bags.

We laid down our spread on one of the picnic tables near Cafe Coffee Day - ordered a few coffees too so that they wouldn't send us weirdos away. It was a very unexpected-fun day. And N wants to do it again. Though I feel, sometimes planned stuff isn't as much fun as the unplanned ones.


  1. I recall our trip to Nandi Hills, and those monkeys near the temple at the foot of the hill which has a gigantic Nandi statue. We stayed for a couple of days at the Silver Oak farms there..

  2. The most hilarious picnic ever :) :)

    I liked the photographs where the boys are flying like birds/planes, and playing Simon says, but this one was in a league of its own... made me laugh out loud :)

    Will link to this post, hope you don't mind

  3. Wow!! :) Very true.. unplanned stuff turns out to be so much more fun!
    The 2 imps look really cute in the top pic.

  4. Ash - The monkeys are still there and in large nbrs. We even saw some monkey attacks on food. The authorities need to do something abt it.
    Arundhati - Sure! Plz go ahead and link. I loved those Simon says and flying pics too - they are totally cute. I wud agree we had so much fun laughing. s and I were laughing again the other day thinking abt the picnic.
    Shruti - Thanks! That top pic was also just by chance, I saw them hanging out and captured the moment.


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