Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spreading cheer!

I have been MIA from blogosphere, thanks to a sick and demanding child. I am beginning to dislike Bangalore weather, it keeps kids and lot of adults too, sick almost year round!
So in between all the trips to the doctor, sweet syrupy medicines and stories - tonnes of them, I noticed that spring is here. Though Bangaloreans might say that it feels like summer already!
What grabbed my attention were the pretty flowers across our apartment complex. And to add to that Rajee's post about flowers inspired me to share my favourites.

I love love love gerberas! I love the bright, cheerful colours. They look amazing with or without greens in between.

You can bunch them up together or one in each vase/tumbler.

Are you a flower person? Do they cheer you up? What are your favourite flowers? Tell me Tell me!!


  1. Loved your post Simran ... nowthis is the kind of love that fun to see all around ... I hope you'll do many more of your fav. flower posts ... :)

  2. aaawww... so bright & beautiful... I love daisies... infact.. I love any flowers..

  3. Thanks Rajee! I look forward to more such posts :)
    Thanks Patty! Daisies are so pretty too!

  4. Good photographs!Who on earth would say NO to flowers!

  5. Thanks Sibi! I agree flowers are such pretty things, who wouldn't love 'em.


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