Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Modern Family

I absolutely love love love it!! And am excited that Season 1 has started again on Star World Mon to Fri 8:30 pm.


I totally dig the whole dysfunctional family scene. It is the one comedy series after Friends that does make me laugh and really like all the characters.
Phil and Claire (in the center in pic above) - They are so made for each other in their unique funny way. I actually can relate to Claire a lot - a li'l bit of the OCD, attention to details that don't really matter to anyone else, always looking for something to do or fix or take care of, brushing her emotions under the carpet most of the times. And Phil is the sweetest dumbest (in a nice way) husband. He is chilled out compared to the frantic Claire! His attempts at being the "cool dad "always amuse me. The kids Haley, Alex and Luke are super cute. Love Luke for the curious yet moronic kid he is!
Jay and Gloria (left in the pic above) are not our conventional married couple but they are the comical delight of the show. The over-the-hill jokes and Gloria's Colombian accent keep me hooked. And Manny is the little young "man" of the house. Like his straight faced humour.
Mitchel and Cameron (right in the pic above) play the gay couple with their adopted baby girl Lillian aka Lily. Cameron is quite the drama queen. His sweet little wisecracks at Mitchel and his family are funny.
How are they all tied together? Claire and Mitchel are siblings with Jay as their dad.
Happy Watching! I am going to record it every night so that I can watch it uninterrupted while N is at school.


  1. Thanks for the pointer Simran. I am hooked on this sitcom now :)


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