Monday, March 28, 2011

Glow in the corner

This weekend was great! It had all the essentials needed to have fun. There were flowers - some beautiful tiger lillies, friends, food and shopping! Yeah!!
Friday was a hectic day and night when I caught up with 3 groups of friends - one after the other. Lots of chatting, eating, drinking and laughing followed. Girls night outs are so much fun!
Saturday morning was visit-the-doctor-day to discover that N has been having an allergic cough since the last 10 to 15 days. But now that he's on the right medication he's feeling much better.

At night we caught up with friends who brought these beautiful flowers. Loved these tiger lillies and their aroma around the house. Made my day totally! The flowers found their way quickly on to my console table where they look great.

I also bought this lamp which I had been eyeing for the last 4 months.

It is a printed fabric floor lamp. Suits our living room corner perfectly and matches the colour theme.

It is from a place called Sunshine Boulevard in Koramangala, Bangalore. I love the other wall lights and floor lamps too at Sunshine boulevard. It is a must-check-out place if you are in Bangalore.

Am linking this to Patty's Weekend Wrap up!



  1. Hello Simran
    I am new to your blog and its a way through Rajee's blog... I am loving it. Awesome. I love your living room and specially that brightened up cozy corner which has now got a lovely, beautiful lamp. And yeah, I love those flowers as well....
    keep up doing this good work. Lots of love and best wishes. And my love to N, may he get well very soon and again start rocking out of this cough n cold.

    Lots of love

  2. Thanks for visiting Paromita!! :)

  3. Such Warm and lovely colors :-)

  4. Love the colors, warmth, beautiful flowers. Very nice blog, will be visiting often:)

  5. Loved the lamp, Simran! and it looks awesome in your space.

  6. Oh what lovely colours... I love the flowers... Your friends are awesome!! You met 3 groups of friends.. *sigh*... You have some energy!! That sure sounds like an awesome weekend...

    Oh... that lamp is calling me... Its beautiful.. Hope N.. feels better soon!! Thanks for linking in and making my day!!

  7. Thank you everyone for dropping by! I love the lamp too, had been eyeing it for so long so finally decided to take the plunge.
    Patty - Friends are always fun to have around and especially the kinds that bring flowers ;)

  8. Hi Simran,
    Thanks for your long reply on my post :) Also, I was going on the same road and fixed Edit HTML. Thanks once again.
    Your lamp is lovely and I heart your decor..very warm, very cozy!
    Hope little N feels better soon !!

  9. Thanks Sanghamitra! So hope your issue is fixed now.
    Thanks Anu!!

  10. Lovely...

    -Rachana Saurabh

  11. How gorgeous are those tiger lilies!

  12. Thanks SHP and I love their fragrance!!

  13. Lovely flowers... And I love that lamp....!!

  14. Thanks Notyet100 and Emreen!! :)

  15. I love this lamp, Simran. Perfect timing - next thing I need for living room is a lamp. Shall start my forays with this place.

  16. Hi Simran, the floor lamp is beautiful. But what is it lit with?

  17. Benita - it has 4 bulbs inside! The bulbs did not come with the lamp, had to buy them separately!!


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