Monday, March 07, 2011

Before and After - Master bedroom wall art

This weekend was fun fun and busy - I had a potluck lunch with friends which had super yummy food. Potlucks are great coz you get to eat a variety and learn new recipes. S and I got to meet some very dear friends who have twin boys about N's age. One of the twins has the same name as N! :)
Watched some World Cup matches, relaxed, lazed out and then - to balance all the happiness - came some bad news :( I came down with a severe bad throat and congestion. All the fun n frolic and carelessness (on my part) resulted in a very bad congestion, infection and fever. Ended up going to the doctor and am on antibiotics now. But before all this happened I took some pictures of my bedroom wall which was long due.

This is how our master bedroom wall deco looked like, till some time back. We had a single framed wall art. It has been made by Sarika of Kraftaria. I bought this at the Diwali Mela in our apartment complex. I love the wall art but the wall just looked empty!

Then I had this brainwave of adding more such framed wall arts to make a set. So I met Sarika and requested her to make 3 more. Voila!! This is how the wall looks now.

I know the blue one is slightly off level, need to fix that as soon as I am up and running.
But look at each of these quilled wall arts - they are so delicate and beautiful!

I wish I could paint the wall behind. But since its a rental apartment I don't have that option now. I surprised S by putting these up and he loved the art.
Hop on over to Sarika's blog Kraftaria and check out all the other stuff she has made. It is beautiful and innovative!

I am linking this to Patty's Weekend Wrap up 21!


  1. They r looking beautiful on the wall. Any color bed sheet will go with this wall.

  2. Thanks Sarika! I agree the colours are all so pretty and anything will go with this.

  3. oh my!! those are gorgeous on your wall... And Sarika is truly talented.. I'm going to check her blog now... I've never see these type of frames before... Your room now looks completely...The single frame did look a bit lost.. ;-)

    Oh.. and take care of that cold and cough.. and try getting rid of it soon...

  4. The potluck was great, thanks for hosting!

    Yes, quilling is so intricate and beautiful, I love it too

    About the antibiotics- sorry to hear that. Take care and don't hesitate to give me a call if you need anything at all

  5. frames look so good,..luved all of them

  6. Thats a fun weekend Simran :) Very beautiful artwork by Sarika! And your bedroom looks pretty with them on it. Lemme check Sarika's blog!!

  7. Patty and Arundhati - Thanks! I am getting better every day.
    Thank you Rachana, Noyet100 and Ambika!

  8. Well written blog. keep going!
    My blog post canapé d'angle


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