Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kalamkari Coasters and wine glass charms

I love putting together stuff at home to create different sets.... (art direction calling??? Just kidding. I have a long way to go in that direction) and then clicking pictures.
Here is a recent one that I did over the weekend. 

Lets get some colour in -

I picked these beautiful coasters at an exhibition recently.
These are hand-painted Kalamkari fabrics made into coasters by laminating on top. They are made by artisans of the DRRT - Dwaraknath Reddy Ramanarpanam Trust based in and around the villages of Srikalahasthi, AP, India. They use eco-friendly natural vegetable dyes extracted from bark, flower and root of various plants and trees. Burnt tamarind twigs are used for sketching. Sharpened mango or bamboo twigs are used as pens or "kalams" for writing the fine outlines. They have a beautiful assortment of products ranging from apparel, bags, home decor to gifts and greeting cards.
To read more about them visit their website here.

And did you notice these cute little wine glass charms in this picture below?

These were made a very talented friend back in Minneapolis, USA. She makes them by hand and for each one she put in a cute li'l charm. Here is a closer look. This one is a purse that says "Paris" - THE place for bags.

This one is a mascara bottle. How cute is that??

The beautiful peach-pink roses are from friends. The green cushions - a gift from my sister. The crystal wine glasses - a gift from my parents. I have mentioned them here.

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  1. Beautiful pictures... I love the tray and the charms.... !!!

  2. Thanks Notyet100, Sarmistha and Emreen!

  3. Hey very nice charma on the glasses. And beautiful pictures. :)

  4. pics are stunning. flowers r beautiful. love tray and charm.

  5. Thank you Nayana!! I am still an amateur when it comes to photography, long way to go :) But I try! The tray is made of cane and is a gift from my parents. They got it from Nagaland.

  6. Love the pictures! We need to get together for another photography tips session!


  7. Thanks Neha!
    Gayathri - Sure! Lets do it some time next week :) And I'll try to get someone else home who can teach us more.

  8. Kalamkari - all time favorite in any form. The charms are so practical.

  9. very nice simran...love the kalamkari...

  10. Thank you Nisha... They look so elegant as coasters couldn't have imagined Kalamkari coasters till I saw these.

  11. ha ha ha.. I have the same wine glasses.. the coasters are pretty!! Love those charms too.. wow!! :-)

  12. OMG! We have so many similar things... great women think alike *winks.

  13. I've been a huge fan of Dwarka for years now- There are tons of Dwaraka stuff at home!! Just not these coasters :(


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