Monday, July 25, 2011

Reuse and Recycle - Flea Market

Have you ever eyed treasures at other people's houses and wished to have them for yourself? (Admit it, we all do that *wink wink*)
Have you ever wanted to walk into a flea market of rare pieces of art (instead of those fancy and pricey big stores) and pick up some prized possessions?

Now is your chance!!
The first flea market by Second to None, to buy and sell used goods is here!
Their motto is "Don't discard, reuse. Don't throw, recycle."

Second to None

Venue - Jaaga, No 68, Lalbagh KH Road, Bangalore - 560027, For map of directions, click here.
Dates - July 30th and 31st 2011.
Time - 11 AM to 6 PM on both days.

There is going to be stuff from Anokhi Planet, recycled wine bottles from A Hundred Hands, upcycled silk jewellery pouches or gift bags made from old-silk-sarees-turned-into-wrap-skirts and much more!

I am going to be there, are you??

To know more check out Second to None's FB event page.


  1. Hey Simran! Thanks for this pointer - I love their Facebook group and really looking forward to their upcoming posts.

    Hoping to make it to this event, but have a really busy weekend coming up and it'll be tough to fit in.. maybe next time otherwise. Let me know how it went - I'm sure I"ll see another interesting post from you about what you picked up :).

  2. oh simran thx a lot dear for ur lovely prize...received the maroon color pouch two days laptop got hacked and rectified it yesterday thz why delayed to inform sorry about this simram...felt soo happy to receive ur giveaway...wish u success in ur life...

  3. Hey, thanks for the blog post! You have a lovely blog and am so looking forward to seeing you at the market!! - Anu :)

    Could ya make that address for Jaaga Double Road (not Lalbagh Road - it's confusing, I know!) Thanks a bunch!

  4. You are welcome Aparna!
    Great Nisha and thanks!! I just wanted to make sure that u had received it. Otherwise would have followed up with the courier guys.
    Hey Anu!! Thanks for the correction. I would have ended up at the older Jaaga. Updated the post with the new address and link. See u there!

  5. Good to see Reuse,Recycle habit is catching up Indians as well.

  6. Shall be going this weekend (the Nov. bazaar). Am trying to put the button up as well and it seems to be wordpress education time! :-D


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